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A few comments: 

(1) A change in schedule at the Weave Shed.  Hearings will not resume until 09:30 Tuesday 17 April 2007.  No explanation.

(2) To date, no list of witnesses.  Certainly part of the week will be committed to the business of pretending David Silmser is on the witness stand. 

Perhaps that will occupy the entire the week?  I have no idea.  Perhaps also there will be time for an update on the status of the affidavits from the Victims Group? Meanwhile all affidavits which had been posted for nigh to a year-and-a-half have been temporarily removed.

(3) I have posted comments made in the Weave Shed by various lawyers re the David Silmser letter to Justice Normand Glaude.  Once again I have interspersed my comments throughout so will say no more.  I have been wanting to get that taken care of for some time and definitely wanted it done before hearings resume.  So,there it is, it’s done 🙂

(4)  Please pass on word about the Steve Parisien Legal Defence Fund. Remind family and friends that Justice Glaude and the inquiry have put Steve in a postion where it will cost him thousands upon thousands of dollars to defend himself and regain his sullied reputation. There was absoultey no need of inflicting such hardship and stress on a victim.  It could and should have been handled and resolved where it began by those who decided to unleash the mess – in the Weave Shed by commission counsel and Justice Normand Glaude. 

Remind people too that Steve Parisien does not have the luxury afforded the Cornwall Police Service – Premier Dalton McGuinty and Attorney General Bryant will not step up to the plate to pick up the tab for his legal fees.  He is on his own. 

And remind them that this inquiry promised there would be no charges laid against anyone and was commited to bring help and healing to victims.  Here we are: a sexual abuse victim is the first legal casuality of an inquiry which will without doubt ensure that not one “alleged”paedophile is put behind bars or incriminated in any way shape or form!! 

(5) For those who are asking, the doctor’s appointment Wednesday came to naught.  After three hours we gave up!  There were no guarantees that we would see the doctor in ten, thirty, sixty minutes or more.  That was enough for one day.  Frustrating. We will try again 🙂

(6)  Snow storm today.  Unbelievable weather for mid April!  But, come rain or come shine post cardiac exercises must be done and off we went for a walk.  Refreshing!!

And that’s enough for now,





Ledroit Beckett n the affidavits

eusday Monday

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