Inquiry victim needs your help

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Steve Parisien Legal Defence Fund

Steve Parisien

Account No: 2312-6303030

TD Canada Trust
61- 9th St. East.
Cornwall, Ontario
K6H 6R3

A bank account has now been set up for Steve’s Legal Defence.  The account is with the TD Canada Trust in Cornwall, Ontario.
Contributions may be made

(1) By cash.

Deposits may be made in person at any TD Canada Trust branch in Canada.  Deposit monies to Steve Parisien account, number 2312-6303030.

(2)  By cheque or money order.

Make cheques payable to Steve Parisien.

The account number must appear somewhere on the cheque of Money Order.  I suggest you write on the back: “For deposit only to account number 2312-6303030”

Mailing address for the TD Canada Trust in Cornwall:

TD Canada Trust
61 – 9th Street East
Cornwall, Ontario
K6H 6R3

Please pull out your cheque book.  This criminal process which was initiated in the Weave Shed is going to cost Steve at least $30,000! 

Every single dollar adds up and helps.   If you can afford a few dollars twice a month, then take that approach.  If you can afford $100, or $200 or $1,000 or more right now, wonderful. 

Get your cheque book and envelopes out right now. Fill out the cheque. Drop your contribution into the mail in the morning.

Or stop in to a Toronto Dominion Bank tomorrow.   

Don’t forget that Steve is on his own here.  For all of the inquiry talk of helping and healing sexual abuse victims Steve is totally on his own.  There’s no helping for Steve.  Justice Glaude simply threw him to the wolves.  In unusually and almost alarming short order (for Cornwall) Steve was charged -and not only charged but publicly frisked and handcuffed in broad daylight in his own driveway and then whisked off in the cruiser!!!  What healing can come of this legal travesty I can not begin to imagine!!!!

I believe it goes without saying that the days ahead leading to trial in a criminal court will not be much easier for Steve and his family, but at least if the financial concerns are in hand he can direct what energy he has to mounting his defence, retaining and directing a lawyer, keeping his family strong and trying to hold his head high in these trying circumstances.

Steve’s next court appearance is I believe at the end of the month.  Let’s get some dollars in the account.  He needs the wherewithall to retain and pay a good criminal lawyer.  Please contribute what you can to help him as he works his way through this outrageous and disgraceful outcome of the Cornwall Public Inquiry. 

And, a thought: write the account number and bank address down on a piece of paper.  Put it in your wallet so it’s handy – when you tell family and friends about the Steve Parisien Legal Defence Fund you have the necessary information right there at your fingertips. 

Please spread the word – any way you can.  Send an email to everyone on your address book and urge them to contribute – give them the account number and the address of the TD bank.  Make sure they know to make cheques payable to Steve Parisien.

Another thought.  You people in Cornwall and vicinity – put up a poster at the corner store, or in the mall.  Put an ad in the local newspaper.  Get the information in to the small community papers in the towns, villages and hamlets around Cornwall.  Call the information in to the various media outlets.  Write a Letter to the Editor. 

In short, get the word out:   Steve Parisien, a sexual abuse victim and victim of the Cornwall Public Inquiry needs our help.

Send contributions to:

Steve Parisien, 

Account # 2312-6303030

At the Toronto Dominion Bank

61 – 9th Street E.,


K6H 6R3

Make cheques payable to Steve Parisien

Enough for now,


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