Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter!

Hard to believe isn’t it? – snow flurries here in Eastern Ontario, a snow storm hitting the Maritimes.  Just plain cold.

But, snow flurries or no, it’s Easter.

I recall readng somewhere that Easter and the Resurrection is proof that Truth will not stay buried.

Food for thought?!

Apologies for the absence.  I took a little time off this week.  Think time and rest time.  I carried on with a few odds and ends but basically stayed clear of the computer for prolonged spells!!!  Both the computer and I needed a wee breather :). 

And, for those who have been anxiously waiting to give Steve Parisien a helping hand for the trying times ahead, the paper work on the Steve Parisien Legal Defence Fund is now in order.  I will give you the details on Easter Monday.

Enough for now,








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