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Hearings resume this morning at 09:30 am.  The day will start with Justice Glaude providing further details on Phase 2 of the inquiry which will focus on “creating an environment that will foster healing and reconciliation.” 

An “alleged” victim who has requested that his identity be protected will take the stand.  He will appear in person and testify but his name will not be divulged, nor will we see him.  We will, however hear his testimony, and the  camera will, as with David Silmser, be on and will focus on Justice Normand Glaude or the lawyers.  The “alleged” victim will go by the moniker C-10.

C-10 is the “alleged” victim whose affidavit apparently contains factual errors.  Questions will undoubtedly be raised about these errors during his examination in chief and/or cross-examination, i.e., why he signed a document containing what sound like serious errors in fact, who aske him to sign it, what was said when he was asked to sign, who wrote the affidavit and so on.

This is the second instance of significant factual errors being discovered in affidavits from the Victims Group.  Robert Renshaw’s affidavit states that he was raised in a family of devout Catholics and that as a result of the abuse he suffered at the hands of Father Charles MacDonald he lost his faith.  When he took the stand however Bobby testified that he was not raised Catholic – his mother, a Roman Catholic, died when he was very young and his father, a non-Catholic, did not take the children to any church.  In fact, Bobby is quite certain he was never baptised. It was quite obvious that those particular words in the affidavit were not his.  

It seems that Bobby signed the affidavit wihtout reading it closley, if at all.  The error came to light – publicly at least – during his recent testimony.

As a result of the discovery of the alleged errors in C-10’s affidavit all affidavits from the Victims group have apparently been taken off the Cornwall Public Inquiry website.  Ledroit Beckett, the law firm representing the Victims Group, has been ordered by Justice Glaude to check the accuracy of every affidavit for every victim/alleged” victim who is part of the Victims Group.  I believe there are about 48. The cost of checking out the accuracy of the affidavits is to be absorbed by the law firm, not the inquiry.

A mess or what? 

This of course does nothing to enhance “the integrity of the inquiry” and unfortunately may be misconstrued by some as the doing of the real/“alleged” victims.  From what I hear, see and know I don’t believe that is the case. But, once again, we shall have to wait and see….


The afternoon’s hearings were painful.  Just painful.  The decision has been made to embark on the alternative approach to addressing David Silmser’s letter.  That means those parties who were waiting with baited breath to cross-examine Dave are now playing make believe David Silmser is on the stand.  It’s ridiculous.  An act of sheer desperation to absolve those seeking absolution. But it is ridiculous.  Absolutely ridiculous.

The object of the exercise of course is to destroy Dave’s credibility.  What Ken Seguin or Charlie did or not do to him is inconsequential.  With a decent mandate this could and never would have happened.  But, it’s the institutional response which is on the radar, not the paedophile ring and not the cover-up.

So, as far as how to deal with Dave Silmser’s testimony is concerned, playing make believe is the name of the inquiry game.  It will resume Monday 16 April after a two week break.


Yes, one week back and then gone for two.  That will give me ample opportunity to recap post testimony which needs to be posted 🙂


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And that’s enough for now,


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  1. prima facie says:

    SILENCE! “No talking, no thinking, no congregating, no dissenting opinion or voices, you are too stupid to understand, only I will disseminate the “facts” as I see them and YOU will accept them and follow them, etc.” This is the message I interpret from yesterdays “performance”. What words to describe it…”totalitarrianism”?, “Orwellian”?





    To watch Commissioner Glaude and various Counsel yesterday (March 28, 2007) was very frightening, to say the least. VERY frightening!!!
    “They” are so conditioned to being, part “of the club” and unchallenged, while at the same time, totally manipulating public opinion and the mainstream news media, that “they”, can only resort to, humiliating, demeaning, chastising and ridiculing dissenting voices or in the case of Sylvia’s website, attacking and defaming her and the site. Sylvia has provided “facts”, legally and without prejudice; in addition she has offerred her opinion and fair comment, while inviting “the world” to do likewise.

    I urge politicians, professors, historians, students, scholars, professional and laymen, from all walks of life, to take time, review and study the transcripts of The Cornwall Public Inquiry. Thereafter, consider seriously, the implications.

    Yesterday in particular, Commissioner Glaude appeared to me, to be confused and frazzled, almost like a “derelict” at times, looking aimlessly about for some misplaced object. Commissioner Glaude was unnecessarily preoccupied in asserting and implying his “power”, his “control”, his dominance over public opinion forming while, at the same time, minimizing the “legal” actions and opinions of citizens.
    HELLO!! Like come on here, who doesn’t know the Commissioner has all power? What were his real intentions or fears?

    At one point Peter Wadle, who is counsel for the “Citizens For Community Renewal” and co-counsel, Steven Canto, both of the Law Offices, Wardle, Daley, LLP, in Toronto, Ontario, with co-counsel Allan Manson, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, suggested Sylvia’s website is subverting the work of the Inquiry……What? Hello!! Is anyone listening here?

    Read the transcript of March 28, 2007 pgs. 60 to 69 inclusive, wherein, Co-Counsel for the Ontario Provincial Police, Peter Engelmann, Co-Counsel for the Cornwall Public Inquiry, David Sherriff-Scott, Co-Counsel for the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall and Bishop Eugene LaRocque, discuss David Silmser’s letter to Commissioner Glaude. The “context” is important and cannot be “re-constructed here, but anyway, David Sherriff-Scott discloses “the letter” is already in the public domain and the Commissioner replies on page 67, line 25, “m’hm”. Then Peter Engelmann further discusses the issue with Commissioner Glaude, pg. 68, lines 1-25 inclusive. Finally, Commissioner Glaude issues his last enlightening but scary, “passing” (is this a Ruling, an Order or a Judgement?).
    On page 68, lines 16-25 incl. and page 69, lines 1-4, he “passes”, “….originally, when I’ve asked people who care about the Inquiry and who want to follow it, that final decisions are made at the end of the Inquiry, and that there will be a lot of documents floating around, and a lot of opinions everywhere. And the fact of the matter is that what really counts is what we hear here, and what we read here, and the decisions that we make here.
    ACCORDINGLY, if people really care about this Inquiry, I think they’ll hold off on passing any judgement until everything is said and done.” (“Accordingly”=Ruling, Order or Judgement?).

    Yes, the world is too stupid, to understand.

    WOW!! Does anyone see a problem here?

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