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Quite a day at the Weave Shed yesterday (Tuesday 27 March 2007) – both in front of and behind the scenes….

(1) In front of the scenes

Marc Latour’s testimony is finished.  He was, I would say, a most compelling witness.  His story is as unbelievable and heartbreaking as the “institutional response” to his allegations of sexual abuse. He was an excellent witness – more than held his own when the haranguing began.

Well done Marc.  You got your story out, or at least as much of it as was allowed out.  But, enough is out that now we know.

There are several sections of Marc’s testimony which I want to get verbatim from the transcript.  They are well worth recording and posting intact.  I will go through the transcript once it is posted and excerpt those areas.

And by the way, it was indeed Cornwall Crown attorney Murray MacDonald who decided alone or in conjunction with investigating Sgt. Jeff Carroll that charges should not be laid against Gilf Greggain because Marc Latour was not a credible witness etc. etc. etc.  That was, I believe, four years ago – ten full years after a similar verdict was rendered on David Silmser!!

And, another by the way: John Callaghan did not conduct Marc’s cross-examination on behalf of the Cornwall Police Service. Perhaps after his mini eruption at the Weave Shed yesterday either Callaghan or his client decided the task would be best outsourced, or perhaps delegated to a female?  The long and short is for whatever reason Callaghan was consigned to the bench as an observer for the duration of the exercise. 

(2) Behind the scenes

You may have noticed that Justice Normand Glaude was looking particularly worn and haggard yesterday morning (Tuesday 27 March 2007).  Whether that had anything to do with what has been going on behind the scenes I have no idea, but he certainly did looked tuckered.

As for what has been going on behind the scenes, well, it’s more David Silmser business.  And this is a dandy!!!….

Today is ear-marked for David Silmser.  Dave won’t be there.  It is common knowledge that he is not going back in to the lion’s den.  However, since word reached the shed that Dave would not be returning the gathered throng have been frantically trying to sort out what to do about his testimony to date and how to assuage those who didn’t get their chance to pick away at his weary bones.

In short, the majority of the gathered throng have been in a bit of a tizzy about what to do, ….some more so than others.

There was brief talk of expunging all Dave’s testimony.  Then there was talk of letting his testimony stand while finding a means to accommodate those who were eagerly waiting to conduct their cross-examination. 

It seems that at some point decisions may have been made as to the way ahead, and those were communicated in some fashion by someone to Clint Culic (Dave’s lawyer). I gather that one pondered solution was to sort of pretend Dave is on the stand and then carry on!  In that regard I personally recall talk of lawyers perhaps taking the questions which would have been put to Dave were he on the stand and then they – the lawyers! –  would provide the answers they anticipate Dave would give!!  I’m serious!!

On top of that there was great concern expressed from some legal quarters about what to do about testimony already on the record which may have been given when Dave was taking tranquillizers!  The latter seems novel given that until now there has been not an iota of concern that any witness might be taking medications or tranquillizers of some sort which might negatively impact his/her testimony.  To date the question of what pills what witness is taking has been a non-issue.  No one asks.  I assume therefore that until now no one really wanted to know if a witness was tranquillized and consequently perhaps not sharp enough mentally to reliably endure several hours or days of legal interrogation.  But, suddenly, great concern, ….meds are an issue!!!

Anyway, Dave was apparently told about these concerns and about what some of the gathered throng’s plans and potential plans are for dealing with his testimony to date and his unfinished cross-examination. 

He wrote a letter to Justice Glaude.  I won’t try to paraphrase it.  It is an excellent letter and should be read. It speaks for itself.  Every word counts and it is written straight from the heart. An amazing letter!

The letter was addressed to Justice Glaude and was for Justice Glaude.  Dave wanted it that way.  It was not for the world to see.  It was for Justice Glaude to see.

Dave hand-delivered the letter to the Weave Shed on Monday, 26 March 2007.  I understand he was told the letter would not be given to Glaude.

That was Monday morning.

By early Monday afternoon lead commission counsel Peter Engelmann had dispatched an email to Clint Culic. Engelmann had read the letter.  Such correspondence, according to Engelmann, “generally” does not go to the commissioner (I believe there may have been an exception to this rule with the Petepiece letter?) and, I gather from the tone and content of Engelmann’s email, the letter would not be given or shown to Glaude.

That it seemed was the end of it.

Between 1:15 pm Monday and yesterday afternoon, things had changed.  Why? I haven’t the foggiest.  But, tactics changed.  The letter would be addressed.  But not by Glaude…. 

Before wrapping up for the day and with cameras rolling, Engelmann announced that the letter had been distributed to all parties at the Weave Shed.  My understanding is that it had not, according to Engelmann, been shown to Justice Glaude.

As I understand it, the letter, its contents and the way ahead will discussed today!!!

The gathered throng. I might add, are not happy campers. 

Today should prove interesting.  The question as always at this inquiry is how far are some willing to go to get their pound of flesh?

We’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, hats off to you and God bless you Dave.  You said what was in your heart and on your mind and you said it with dignity, respect, clarity and eloquence. I do believe that after years of turmoil, pain, betrayal and re-victimization you’ve finally found some small semblance of “closure”!  You’ve turned  page….


Hearings resume at 09:30 am this morning (Wednesday 28 March 2007)


Don’t forget to check New to the Site on the Home page.  I am slowly getting back on track 🙂 And, yes, my husband watched a good part of the hearings with me yesterday, and, I must add, he was captivated by Marc Latour’s testimony.


The website, as you know has been transferred.  Things are settling in much better than before.  A few minor glitches still to work out, but the site is functional, I have my software and I can blog.  My email however is still being fine-tuned 🙁 
And that’s enough for now…..


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  1. robar says:


    Dave’s letter to the Commish will cause quite a stir if allowed to be publicly disclosed this morning. Those of us who are avidly following these proceedings, hope that at some point, some decency will prevail at this Inquiry and that abusers will be identified for what they are. Too many victims are crying for justice for this Inquiry to ignore them.

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