Hearings resume at 2

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It looks like the transfer is complete 🙂  I seem to be missing the blogs from the last few days, and it’s an old template which I tried very briefly a few months ago, but that can be rectified over the next few days. 

As far as I can see from a quick look through the online edition theinquiry.ca is basically intact.  There is a minor problem with the Home page – some technical text which doesn’t belong is on the top of the page, but  that too can be rectified over the next few days.  Also just discovered that the David Silmser page didn’t make it through – I will see if I can rectify that myself….

So, it’s nearly done!!


Hearings resume at 2 pm this afternoon (Monday 26 March 2007) with Marc Latour taking the stand. Marc is scheduled to testify today and part of tomorrow.

Part of Tuesday and all day Wednesday (27 & 28 March) are ear-marked to discuss what one and all want to do about David Silmser’s testimony.  Silmser, you will recall, did not and will not re-take the stand to complete his cross-examination.  He had had, I do believe, more than enough time in the lion’s den! 

On Thursday 29 March 2007 an anonymous victim will take the stand.  That means that at this “public” inquiry you and I will not be privy to his/her identity or hear his/her testimony!

I will leave it at that for now,


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