Back on track

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My husband is home.  We are sorting out daily routines.  Things are progressing slowly and will take time.  But, progress is being made 🙂

Once again my thanks to all for your prayers, support and words of encouragement – all so greatly appreciated.  We’re not out of the woods yet so please keep him on your prayer list for a few more days.


I will now slowly start to get back on track with the blog.  The website issue is being addressed.  Until that is taken care of I will be unable to post articles on the site.  However things are apparently in hand and I simply await word that I can proceed.

Three matters of note to relay:

(1) Inquiry Schedule

Please note that after a three week recess hearings at the Weave Shed resume at 2 pm on Monday 26 March 2007.  Marc Latour, who signed an affidavit saying he was sexually abused by probation officer Ken Seguin, will take the stand.

Latour is scheduled for Monday afternoon and part of Tuesday. 

The remainder of Tuesday and all day Wednesday (27 & 28 March) are, believe it or not, committed to David Silmser!!!  

And Thursday 29 March 2007 at this “public”inquiry sees another “Witness Requesting Confidentiality” slated to testify behind closed doors.  This may be the continuation of previous testimony by an anonymous victim.  At this point there is no way to tell.

(2) David Silmser

The fur will be flying on Tuesday and Wednesday when the gathered legal throng try to sink their teeth one more tine into David Silmser and what to do about his testimony.

Silmser you will recall will not be returning to the lion’s den to complete his cross-examination.  Given that testifying is voluntary and no one but no one – paedophiles and alleged paedophiles included –  will be obliged to take the stand Silmser’s no-show should make little difference to the outcome of the inquiry.  Justice Glaude and his team can learn from others how the Cornwall Police Service, Ontario Provincial Police, Roman Catholic diocese, Crown attorneys  and others responded to allegations of sexual abuse.  

But, as you may have noticed David Silmser is not just any victim and the truth of the matter is that Silmser’s failure to return for another brow-beating does make a difference.  You see, no David Silmser to cross-examine means the Cornwall Police Service, and I would guess several other parties and even the inquiry, is left in the lurch.  No cross-examination means no opportunity to thoroughly demolish Silmser, and no chance to demolish Silmser means no chance to destroy his credibility, and no chance to destroy his credibility means no excuse for Glaude to exonerate a whole lot of people  – collectively or individually – of any wrong-doing when they responded to David Silmser’s 1992 sex abuse allegations against local Roman Catholic priest Father Charles MacDonald and local probation officer Ken Seguin.

Sound bizarre?  The sad truth of the matter is that this all starts to make sense only if and when you understand that this inquiry is no more than an expensive tax-payer-funded ruse to deny there was or is a paedophile ring and cover-up and to accordingly exonerate pillars of the community who were/are allegedly involved in a paedophile ring and/or cover-up.  Such exoneration comes by way of shooting the messenger(s) and/or framing the inquiry in such fashion that individual or institutional action or inaction in response to sex abuse allegations can and should be attributed to ignorance, scepticism due to lack of credibility of the victim, and/or the ever-evolving policies, practices and procedures which, we must understand, are just now – vbery belatedly I might add! – coming to terms with the horrific and stereotypical impact of same-sex sexual abuse on boys.

So, Tuesday and Wednesday next week should see some passionate submissions from several parties with standing on the way ahead regarding David Silmser and his testimony to date.  My guess is that those with a vested interest in doing so will shred Silmser in absentia.  I will be pleasantly surprised if they don’t, and I will be more than pleasantly surprised if they do and anyone from any legal quarter goes to his defence!

As always, we shall just have to wait and see….

(3) Steve Parisien

Steve Parisien appears in the Cornwall Courthouse Monday morning, 26 March 2007.  Once I find out the time I will let you know.  And I will now resume finding out what can be done to fund-raise to help Steve with his legal costs – as you know, thanks to Justice Glaude, Steve has been charged with obstruction of justice and is now not only a victim of sexual abuse but also a victim of the inquiry.  It will cost him dearly to defend and clear his name and reputation.  I will do what I can to set up a system which will allow you contribute to defray his costs.

I also understand that Steve has dismissed his lawyer and is presently representing himself. 

Good luck Steve.  

(4) John MacDonald

I will find out over the next few days if there has been any movement from the Cornwall Police Service on John’s charges of obstruction of justice against Justices Robert Pelletier and Peter Griffiths and Cornwall Crown attorney Murray MacDonald.  I don’t recall off-hand how long it’s been since but seems to me it’s long enough ….

(5) Robert Renshaw testimony

Before my husband landed in the hospital I had a blog on Bobby Renshaw’s testimony nearly set to post.  I am wrapping that up – it’s important dealing as it does with who denies ever setting foot in Kens Seguin’s home and who is stepping up to the plate at the Weave Shed to defend whom.

And that’s enough for now,


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2 Responses to Back on track

  1. prima facie says:

    Welcome back Sylvia. I’m very happy to hear things are progressing better with your husband. “The Power of Prayer.”

    Oh, does this mean no more BACON and egg jokes?

    What kind of society are we living in? When taxpayers are PAYING the bill for a very expensive(“purported”) public inquiry, ALL TAXPAYERS have a RIGHT to see all of the facts; FULL DISCLOSURE!!! We must demand disclosure!!!WE are financing this venture!!

    These clowns work for us!! DISCLOSURE!!

    What kind of system do we live and work in???

    “NEWS ALERT!!” There was testimony at the inquiry naming the elusive, ex-Cornwall Police Chief Claude Shaver and Ron Wilson, Ken Seguin and others. Do you have any more information about them, especially Shaver?

  2. Sylvia says:

    Yes. The power of prayer. God is good 🙂

    As for bacon and eggs, well, does it mean anything if a man with brand new pig’s valve says “Oink” instead of “Hi”? Bacon jokes and pig jokes are now near and dear to our hearts 🙂

    And, more to come on News Alert….

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