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I was just too wiped when I got home last night to blog!  The exhaustion that comes after the fact – relief!!
All is proceeding according to the books.  My husband was transferred to the surgical unit in the heart institute yesterday.  He was up sitting in the chair twice, walking once.  Absolutely amazing.  He is doing so well! He’s sore of course, but coping and doing what he must to recover.

So, with a few minor glitches late yesterday which seem to be in hand, he is on the mend.  His new valve is apparently working like a charm.  Blood is rushing through the by-pass.  Just amazing!

By the grace of God he will be home on St. Patrick’s Day :).  After that life will slowly return to “normal” – and I will have the time and ability to get things with the website in order.

And that’s about it for now.  I will keep you posted. 



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