So much for privacy policies!

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How private is personal information acquired by the Cornwall Police service in the course of an investigation?

Not, it seems, too private at all.

You will not believe this!

Yesterday I told you that John MacDonald officially filed an obstruction of justice complaint with Cornwall police against Justices Robert Pelletier and Peter Griffiths and Cornwall Crown attorney Murray MacDonald.

Well, it seems that a folded page of paper utilised by police to jot down a few new notes and phone numbers and handed to John on his departure isn’t exactly what you and I would call a piece of scrap paper.

True, it was initially blank on one side and looked like no more than a piece of scrap paper. Since his return home however John has discovered – to his great surprise I might add – that the page is is in fact some sort of computer generated police report related to a police investigation. It provides personal details about a man I will identify only as Mr. X.

The report identifies Mr. X by name: it indicates “communicable disease” and contains information such as address, date of birth, body markings (tattoos) and piercings.

Under the caption “Special interest police Opt 2” the note: “Do not divulge interest to subject.”

Astounding! Truly astounding!

What more can I say? but, ……so much for privacy policies!


Please note that my technical problems are not yet over 🙁 I still, amongst other things, have problems with email – now not only can I not respond to emails , I can not receive them. They are being bounced. Hopefully this will be fixed up soon.

Enough for now,


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