More good news and bad news…

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They’re on a break so very quickly…

Some more good news and bad news.

Bad news first.

Justice Glaude extended the stay on his ruling denying the diocese’s request for a publication ban on the name of certain priest who allegedly molested Claude Marleau

Divisional court was unable to hear and grant the stay application pending request for a judicial review. It will do so next Thursday 07 December 2006 and at that time may kill two birds with one stone by hearing the application for judicial review as well. 

Glaude has thus extended the stay Friday 08 December 2006 or until such time as the Divisional court rules.

That means that the publication ban on the name of one of Claude’s “alleged” abusers remains in effect for at least eight days and possibly significantly longer.

More of the same :(.

That’s the bad news.
Now, the good news…

A judge with a conscience.

The case was not handled today because …….a judge assigned to the case recused himself. 

He recused himself!!! He had some sort of connection to Cornwall and he actually recused himself!!!

Justice Glaude noted that “that happens on occasion.”

What can I say?

Not often enough?

They’re back.  Should be wrapping up for the day shortly and continue at 10:00 am tomorrow (Friday 07 December 2006)

And, for those who are wondering.  No. David Sheriff Scott did not leap from his seat to extend a heartfelt apology to Claude Marleau for the abuse he suffered at the hands of Father Paul Lapierre.  There was NO apology.

Enough for now.


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