Let’s bring it to a merciful end

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Day  22 of the Ban. (Still no response)

A day off.  A walk in the woods.  Good company.  Good conversations.  A few laughs.  A very pleasant change of pace :).

I must admit that as much as I hate to the see the victims and witnesses left hanging in the air for another week I am enjoying this opportunity to take a breather, catch up on a few household chores, think about Christmas, spend some time with friends, fiddle around with problems on the website and just generally take time to ‘smell the flowers.’ 

In all honesty however I would gladly forgo it all to see things expedited for the victims who, I fear, through this hobbled inquiry are being selfishly and ruthlessly re-victimized yet again.  This waiting and rescheduling and constant uncertainty about when they will be called to the stand or might be called has to be sheer torment. 

That torment can only be exacerbated by the tension now permeating the Shed as we are all left to ponder who has been mandated – and, yes, I do mean mandated –  to lob the next legal grenade, and then to ask the basic question “Why? ”, and to speculate when and where it might explode, and then to meditate on who might get taken out by the blast and how many will be grazed by flying shrapnel.

It has to be tough.

Alas. I do believe things are just warming up.  It’s going to get worse in there. A lot worse. 

This, we are told, will bring healing.

My questions: 

(1) Healing for whom?

(2) Healing from what?

(3) Healing how? and,

(4) Won’t someone somewhere out there flex their political or judicial muscle and bring this to a merciful end …..before there are casualties?


 I will be busy a good part of tomorrow but will blog later in the day.  

Enough for now,



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