A circus!

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Is the ban on the Andre Lavoie Victim Impact statement lifted? I am unsure and attempting to find out.

I am off shopping and looking after a few household matters today 🙂  I do however plan to address yesterday’s events at the Weave Shed in some depth over the weekend.

Yesterday was another circus – from the ongoing cross examination of Albert Roy which I do believe at the least bordered on harassment, to the arrival by train of Albert’s lawyer to assist him with his cross-examination on the Perry Dunlop issues which were left untouched, to the apparent interest in what Carson Chisholm said to Albert’s wife Vikki in the bleachers at the inquiry, to the CAS decision that it will probably file for a judicial review, to the announcement by David Sheriff-Scott (diocese) that he will be filing a motion when the inquiry resumes the week of 27 November.

A circus!!

However, some good news: Justice Glaude dismissed Charlie‘s application for a publciation ban on his name 🙂

Some media coverage of yesterday’s events are posted. Check New to the Site on the Home page.

I will be back with more 🙂

Enough for now,


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