Victim abused by probation officers testifies

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Day 14 of the Ban

A quick recap before the day begins…

(1) The testimony of Albert Roy, which was barley begun yesterday, resumes this morning at 9:30 am.

Albert Roy was sexually abused by probation officers Ken Seguin and Nelson Barque.  Barque started the abuse.  Albert reported Barque to Ken Seguin.  Seguin then started molesting him.

It all began because, as a 15-year-old boy Albert got drunk, stole a car, went on a joy ride to Kingston, left the car in Kingston and hitchhiked back to Cornwall the following day.

Albert was charged and sentenced to 18 months probation. His probation officers were Seguin and Barque.

The abuse was later reported to Cornwall psychologist psychiatrist  Dr. Almudevar (now deceased) who, it seems did not encourage Roy to report his allegations to police.

On the other hand, Albert also told Social Worker Bob Payette about the abuse.  Payette it seems was responsible for encouraging Albert to come forward and report Seguin and Barque, reminding him frequently that the pair could still be abusing children and that therefore he, Albert, had a responsibilty to come forward.

It apparently took about three years for Albert Roy, with the support and encouragement of Payette, to muster the courage and stamina to report Seguin and Barque to the Cornwall Police Service.

Albert Roy’s testimony resumes this morning at 9:30 am.


2) Father Charles MacDonald will file his motion with the court this week and argue it  2 pm Tuesday 14 November 2006.  It seems it may relate only to the first of his “alleged” victims who is scheduled to take the stand next week.  It also seems it is related to a publication ban or confidentiality.

We shall see…

Enough for now,


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