Not one perverted criminal head will roll

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Day 9 of the Ban

Please note hearings resume at 10 am today NOT 9:30 as previously scheduled.

No witnesses today.  Justice Glaude will hear and respond to oral and written submissions to move documents into the public domain which have a “temporary” classification of “C” (Confidential).

I would assume that in at least some instances there will be arguments pro and con.

You will no doubt recall that I was ordered to “immediately” remove from the non confidential Andre Lavoie Victim Impact Statement which was received from and posted with permission of its author Mr. Lavoie. Unbeknownst to me this public document had been rendered verboten through a blanket ban slapped by Justice Glaude in “an abundance of caution” on a larger group of documents of which it was part.

I anticipate transparency with regard to Mr. Lavoie’s invaluable Victim Impact Statement will be restored today 🙂


Cindy Burgess Lebrun,sister of Jody and Scott Lebrun, completed her testimony yesterday.

I have posted Cindy’s Victim Impact Statement which, for unknown reasons, she was denied opportunity to read in court at the sentencing hearing of her abuser, Jean Luc Leblanc.

Cindy testified that she had desperately wanted to read that VIS personally.  It was therefore an emotional moment when lead counsel Peter Engelmann offered her the opportunity to read her words aloud at the Weave Shed.  She seized the opportunity.

Married at 19 and now an “overprotective” mother of three Cindy has apparently been blessed with a wonderful and supportive husband who has walked by her side and been a source of strength since Project Truth officers “in suits and ties” came knocking at her door in 1999. (Her brother Jody refers to the Project Truth officers as “the boys in suits.”)

The Perry Question was not put to Cindy. Perhaps an oversight?

Justice Glaude thanked Cindy with the following assurance:

One of the things that we’re trying to do is to make sure that life for our little ones and your little boy, that they are safe and sound in Cornwall and in the Province of Ontario.

Seems to me making sure life for our little ones and little boys entails first and foremost getting paedophiles and those who protect them off the streets and behind bars, something this inquiry will NOT and can not do. 

Identifying children who have been sexually abused after the fact is too late. 

Providing services after the dastardly deed is done for those who are being abused right now by a suspect paedophile is too late.

Teaching children to try to protect themselves and thereby instilling fear is an abdication of authority wrought by those more concerned with the feelings and rights of paedohiles and criminals than the soul of the child – a shameless legal and societal cop out.

Our children will not be safe and will not be protected until “the Church,” our judiciary, legal system and politicians join forces to put Justice Glaude’s words into concrete action and get every paedophile/molester/sexual predator and every soul who protects them off the street and out of sanctuaries and behind bars.

Heads should roll when children are willfully placed or left at risk.  If we care about our children, heads should roll. 

But, thanks to the McGuinty government mandate, not one perverted criminal will roll in Cornwall. Not one.

Perry Dunlop’s head is about to roll – again.  The one and only man in the whole Cornwall mess who actually fulfilled his legal, professional and moral obligation to protect children did his job. His head will roll. And trundling behind Perry’s will be the heads of The Untouchables, the growing list of those who dared to step up to the plate beside him – for the sake of the children.

Yes, Justice Glaude, tell us how you, this inquiry and your research project will make life safe for children and little boys. 


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Three witnesses (Albert Roy, Vicki Roy and Roberta Archambault)
scheduled for this week have not taken the stand.  We will find out today if they have been carried over to next week.

Enough for now,


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