What the heck is going on?

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Day 7 of the Ban

I’m running behind.  I spent the evening hunting down files on the evolution of the Criminal Code of Canada, specifically as it relates to buggery, gross indecency and indecent assaut.  I will post what I can in the near future.  It’s important.

And, with the day about to begin at the Weave Shed,  three very quick notes on yesterday’s events:

(1)  Father MacDonald files motion of abandonment
Father Charles MacDonald has allegedly abandoned plans to go on a foray from court to court in efforts to keep his “alleged” victims from testifying, albeit in a limited fashion.

The commission was served with a “motion of abandonment” which means, as lead counsel Pet Engelmann said “that matter is resolved.”

I don’t know what happened here:  was it a financial decision, ie., Charlie just plain didn’t have the financial backing to proceed? Or, is there a remote possibility that Charlie finally saw the light and realized that legally he is snug as a bug in rug at the Weave Shed? 

Two weeks ago I speculated that there may just have been a backroom deal brewing which would entice Charlie to hang in at the Weave Shed.  I wonder….

We now have THE PERRY QUESTION posed to every victim to take the stand.  Not only The Perry Question, but The Helen Dunlop Question, and The Ron Leroux Question, and The Perry’s Former Lawyer Question and even The Carson Chisholm Question!  And this at an inquiry which is NOT, as it should be, mandated to look into allegations of a paedophile ring and cover-up, and which we have been told on several occasions is NOT a Project Truth inquiry, and which will not inquire into the “rumour” and “innuendo” swirling around Cornwall because its commissioner – whose family is rooted in Cornwall – determined long ago behind other closed doors that the “rumour” and “innuendo swirling around Cornwall upon his arrival are false!

But, we have the The Perry et al Questions.  And Charlie is staying put. And the inquiry will not grind to a stuttering and judicially embarrassing grinding halt.

And all the legal heads at the Weave Shed are dutifully connecting the dots between every victim who knew/knows or ever rubbed shoulders with Perry Dunlop or anyone connected to Perry Dunlop – and not one legal head is asking a single question which would connect the dots between the paedophiles and alleged paedophiles of Cornwall and those who obstructed or may have obstructed justice on their behalf?

Not one prying and inquiring question has been put to a single witness asking if he/she has any knowledge of the molester’s social circle, or where he vacationed, or who he partied with, or what church if any he attended.

Who pray tell decided that The Perry et all Question is beneficial and should be integral to an inquiry which has nothing to do with Project Truth? And why?

And why the peculiar interest in Carson Chisholm?  The same Carson Chisholm who was denied standing as head of the Coalition for Action?!! 

So, Charlie has abandoned his courtroom foray. 

I am not about cry “Bravo.” I smell a rat.

(2)  What’s going on at the ROH?

Yesterday we heard that Jason Tyo, as an abuser, has been receiving treatment from Dr. John Bradford at the Royal Ottawa Hospital (ROH).

We also heard that in 1986, when child molester Jean Luc Leblanc was charged and pled guilty the first time around, Bradford recommended non-custodial status and probation!

And indeed Leblanc got three years probation.  That was it. And in short order, while on probation, Leblanc was molesting Jason again.

You may recall that during Alain Seguin’s testimony Alain testified that he received treatment/therapy at the Royal Ottawa hospital fro different problems.  The department he was attending operated under the auspices of Dr. John Bradford.

Alain apparently told his doctors/therapists several times that he believed the difficulties he was experiencing related to the fact that as a young boy he had been sexually abused by a teacher. 

No one allegedly pursued or took interest in his allegations.  No one it seems took time to see if a sexual predator was on the loose and children were at risk (at that time Alain had not disclosed his abuse to police).

Years later Alain discovered that a report written by someone at the ROH (not Bradford) states:

“At the age of 12 to 14, he [Seguin] was involved in a homosexual relationship with a high school teacher whom his cousin introduced to him.”

What the heck is going on at the Royal Ottawa Hospital? That’s my question.  What the heck is going on?

“Expert” recommendations which boil down to leniency for child molesters? Failure to pursue or report allegations of  child sexual abuse? Wilfully placing children at risk?  And calling the sexual abuse of a 12-14-year-old boy “a homosexual relationship with a high school teacher”?

Has anything changed at the ROH?  Do the “experts” affiliated with Dr. Bradford still view the abuse of 12-14 year old boy as “a homosexual relationship”?  Do they still think there’s no real need to lock up men who sexually abuse boys?
Will the inquiry check out what role the “experts” at the ROH have played in instilling tolerance for man/boy sexual abuse and recommending leniency for known child molesters?

It should, shouldn’t it?

(3) Bans and “Confidentials”

Justice Glaude will speak to the issue of publication bans and “Confidential” documents this afternoon.

Hearings resume at 9 am 9.30am Tune in.

Enough for now,


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