“We are the walking dead”

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Day 6 of the ban

I’ve made a few changes on the Sexual Abuse Victim Testifies at the Cornwall Public Inquiry: (1) fixed up a floating paragraph which my suddenly finicky software decided to spring loose of its moorings, and (2) added Andre Lavoie’s “Recommendations” for the inquiry to the excerpts of his testimony– a most worthwhile read (“we are the walking dead. We are geese whose wings have been broken”) and another step inside the soul of the man who was sexually abused as child by his Roman Catholic teacher. (scroll down towards end of document)

Email response from commission counsel Simon Ruel re the ban received and posted.  My questions in large remain unanswered, however we will see what tomorrow brings when Justice Glaude issues directives on “this issue” and, I am trusting, lifts the ban on a non-confidential document which got blanketed through “an abundance of caution” at a “public” inquiry which is supposed to be the essence of transparency.

Proceedings at the Weave Shed about to begin.  Tune in by Webcast.  Must run 🙂

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