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Day 6 of the Ban

I have posted Sexual Abuse Victim Andre Lavoie Testifies at the Cornwall Public Inquiry, pictures included.  It can be accessed via the Andre Lavoie page (via The Victims/Andre Lavoie).  I will be adding a few excerpts from his cross-examination – particularly by John Callaghan, lawyer for the Cornwall Police Services.

And re the ban on the Victim Impact Statement – as I was working my way through the second day of Andre’s testimony I ran into a few exchanges between Justice Glaude and other lawyers regarding bans and documents which are marked “Confidential.”  I think perhaps the commissioner had Andre Lavoie’s Victim Impact Statement marked “Confidential” because it is mixed in with police notes and Glaude “thought” there were names in it of victims who did not want to be identified and “out of an abundance of caution” it was marked “C” for “Confidential” along with everything else!

We’ll see what news today brings on the matter.  Meanwhile this is Day 6 – six days since a non-confidential victim’s document which was arbitrarily classified as “Confidential” was ordered off site.

Hearings resume this afternoon at 2 pm with Jason Tyo, victim of Jean Luc Leblanc, continuing his testimony.  Watch or listen by Webcast accessible via the Cornwall Public Inquiry website.

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