Comparisons? Franklin and Cornwall?

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Day 5 of the ban 

In today’s blog “breachoftrust” made reference to The Franklin Cover-Up.”  I said I would attempt to track down the documentary which was pulled at the 11th hour before its scheduled airing on the Discovery Channel several years ago.

I did so.

For those unfamiliar with former Senator DeCamp’s account of the Franklin Cover-Up (in his book of the same name) this website provides information about the book, the documentary and the child sex ring which supplied children for the sexual ‘pleasures’ of prominent politicians and businessmen.  Many of the young boys secured for the sex parties of the rich and famous were from Boys Town, the famous Roman Catholic boy’s school in Nebrasaka.

There is also a very brief and comprehensive account of the banned documentary here.

The documentary, Conspiracy of Silence, can be viewed here.  The quality is not the greatest – at times the audio is poor, and at other times portions of the video are missing.  However those who are interested in seeing what a sexual abuse cover-up looks like may should persevere.  There is a lot of information packed into the documentary.  Those familiar with both the Franklin Cover-up and Cornwall frequently draw comparisons.

Any comments?

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  1. Myomy says:

    The Comparisons between Franklin and Cornwall are very enlightening indeed. Following these links you find the Perry Dunlop of Franklin, Senator John DeCamp who wrote his book the Franklin cover up on the advice of CIA head William Colby as a means of protecting himself from assassination for what he had learned . With the story out on the table his sudden death would be suspicious as a continuation of the cover up he was exposing. DeCamp tells a story of great evil in high places with sexual assault used as a means of compromising anyone who would be allowed to seek high office. Political leaders are compromised in advance so that they can be brought down if they do not co-operate with the hidden hand controlling the government. These trysts they were required to take part in were filmed for future use to keep these political leaders in line. Both John DeCamp and Ted Gunderson a CIA officer were originally skeptical of the stories coming out of Omaha but became convinced after an investigation that they were true. These two men became friends united in the effort to clean up this evil.

    I was struck by the quote from Nixon that the place these films were made was the most faggy place he had ever seen, he hated to go there but he went there for power. He was not inclined to this but nobody was exempt from this exercise. The evil men who have hidden control of our governments are under the thumb of perverts. This explains how the homosexuals can put their entire agenda into effect in a few years with very little support from the population as a whole. This explains the need for a cover up which includes the present inquiry in Cornwall. The most evil of men have the most protection. If the Cornwall inquiry wants to really give context to the investigation they should have former US Senator John DeCamp as their witness. Perhaps this would not fit with their desire to debunk the rumor and innuendo swirling around Cornwall.

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