Witnesses for next week

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Four quick items of interest:

(1) The names of witnesses who will testify at the inquiry next week have been posted on the Cornwall Public Inquiry web site.  They are:

Jason Tyo 
 Dawn Raymond
 Jody Burgess
 Cindy Burgess-Lebrun
 Albert Roy
 Vicki Roy
 Roberta Archambault

(2) Hearings resume at 2 pm Monday 30 October 2006.  Jason Tyo, victim of Jean Luc Leblanc, will complete his testimony.

(3) On 24 October 2006  Justice Glaude released his reasons for granting standing to the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario.  You may recall that the board was instantly granted standing on 03 October 2006, no questions asked.

(4) I have received a response from commission counsel Mr. Simon Ruel re the Andre Lavoie Victim Impact Statement and will post and blog on the same shortly.

Enough for now,

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