The Premier is outraged? What a lark!

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Have you been catching the Dalton McGuinty outrage over a recent U.S. court decision to allow a Canadian sex offender to elude justice in the States by returning to Canada?   

The sexual offender in question, one Malcolm Watson, was convicted in the United States for engaging in presumably “consensual” sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl.  

There has been a veritable deluge of main-stream media interest and coverage on this over the past couple of days and lots on McGuinty’s outrage.       

The media frenzy is fascinating, particularly given the lack of interest in and coverage of Cornwall.  However, my interest right now is McGuinty’s presumed outrage.  I will post only today’s coverage in the Toronto Globe & Mail.  (If you do a Google search you can find more.)

This is just incredible!   

Dalton McGuinty is outraged?      

Dare we forget that the outraged premier is the man who commissioned the Cornwall Public Inquiry?   

And dare we forget that McGuinty hobbled that inquiry before it got off the ground by armingit disarming it with a paedophile-friendly mandate which guarantees the inquiry will  

(1) dither about doing a research project into policies, practices and procedures and the “institutional response” to allegations of sexual abuse    

(2) ensure that not one single molester is put behind bars 

(3) ensure that not a single soul who obstructed justice to protect paedophiles is put behind bars  

(4) avoid investigating any and all allegations that specific men who are/were pillars of the community are/were members of a paedophile clan 

(5) avoid addressing any and all allegations that specific men who occupy positions of influence, authority and trust are/were party to a sexual abuse cover-up?        

In short, Dalton McGuinty has commissioned an inquiry which ensures that the paedophiles and sexual predators of Cornwall can sleep tight at night.  

And Dalton McGuinty is outraged? Because the molester of 15-year-old girl who presumably ‘consented’ is eluding justice and settling in Canada?  

I don’t know if McGuinty’s upset has anything to do with the gender of the victim.  I would hope not. But perhaps he should have sat in on and endured the agony of Cornwall’s Project Truth sex abuse trials where, to refresh our memories and lest both he and we forget 

(1) one “alleged” paedophile after the other was acquitted because the judge concluded that the boy had reached the ripe old age of 14 when he was molested?  

(2) one “alleged” peadophile after the other was acquitted because the judge concluded the boy was 14, didn’t scream “No” and the molestation was consensual sex – between the child and a forty-, fifty-year old pillar of the community?  

(3) judges, lawyers and Crown attorney alike in the trials of Father Charles McDonald and lawyer and canon lawyer Jacques Leduc were more interested in pillorying Perry Dunlop for what he did or did not do in his efforts to protect children than what a Roman Catholic priest and Church lawyer did or did not to destroy the innocence and lives of young boys?    

And  Dalton McGuinty is outraged that the man who abused a 15-year old girl – presumably with “consent”  – is eluding justice in the States and coming back to Canada?

He’s outraged?   

What a lark! And what a lot of smoke and mirrors!!!  

But, if perchance Premier McGuinty has had an awakening and is suddenly, miraculously and truly outraged that child molesters are eluding justice and free to prey on our children then I believe it is logical to anticipate that he will promptly put his outrage into action and:  

(1) mandate the Cornwall Public Inquiry to inquire into allegations of a paedophile ring and cover-up 

(2) mandate the Cornwall Public Inquiry to lay or recommend charges against those who have eluded and/or thwarted justice in Cornwall  

(3) lead the national charge to raise the age of consent in Canada, and  

(4) lead a charge to re-assess what legally constitutes “consent.”  

Hope always springs eternal, but let’s not hold our collective breath (:  


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