Another Red Flag

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The best laid plans of mice and men….

I didn’t get excerpts of Andre Lavoie’s excellent testimony up on the site over the weekend.  I will continue to work on it and have it up before day’s end 🙂


A new and slightly belated posting regarding the recent death of former Ontario Attorney General Ian Scott.  I post this because there is a triple connection through Scott to Cornwall: (1) David W Scott, lawyer for the diocese and Bishop Eugene Larocque at the Cornwall Public Inquiry, was Ian Scott’s brother, (2)  Justice Normand Glaude was appointed to the Ontario judiciary 17 April 1990 by then Liberal Attorney General Ian Scott, (3) Ian Scott was a close friend of and until his last days lunched regularly with Attorney General Michael Bryant. 

Ian Scott, a self proclaimed homosexual whose Roman Catholic funeral Mass was held 13 October 2006 at Toronto’s St. Michael’s Cathedral, was Attorney General of Ontario during the David Peterson Liberal government. 

  Amongst his many accomplishments as Attorney General Scott amended the Ontario Human Rights Code to prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation, restructured Ontario courts to ensure, as he wrote in To Make a Difference, “that all laws and regulations conformed to the Spirit of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

Scott opposed the  ‘gay marriage’ movement because he believed homosexuals who championed the cause were “misguided” and “buying in to the values of the straight society that had for many years ostracized them and made them feel like pariahs.” 

I am told by someone in attendance that during Scott’s funeral Mass at Toronto’s St. Michael’s Cathedral the priest officiating at the Mass, Father Michael Bush, said of Scott that: “He had a love of the law and he loved the law of love.”I don’t quite know what that translates to, but I do pray it means that Ian Scott sought to end his very public defiance of the moral laws of his Church by making amends with both God and his Church before his death. May God have mercy on his soul.

Meanwhile I find it impossible not to ponder what role, if any, Ian Scott played during their many lunches to assist Attorney General Michael Bryant commission the inquiry, including crafting the mandate and selecting the commissioner.

In the end I suppose that at the very least it raises a few more Questions and adds yet another Red Flag to those already flying around Justice Normand Glaude and this whole “independent” and “impartial” inquiry.

Enough for now,


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