Society’s forgotten victims

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Three new articles posted, two warrant comment.

Bishops to address same-sex marriages

Two comments here:

(1) Marie Josee Lapointe and G-4 Communications will not happy at the potential for a voice of opposition from the Canadian bishops.

(2) I trust preventive measures include

(i) doing catch-up to alert ALL parishioners from the pulpit and through handouts in every Canadian parish which has “reintegrated” a  clerical sexual offender.

(ii) doing catch-up to alert ALL Roman Catholics in every diocese which has reintegrated a clerical sexual offender in non-parish service, be it schools, hospitals, prison ministry, marriage tribunals or office work in the diocesan centre.

(iii) doing catch up to alert ALL foreign dioceses which may have unknowingly taken in a Canadian clerical sexual offender.

(iv) screening out seminarians and firing seminary professors who engage in homosexual acts with adults and/or minors.

(v) taking steps to move from re-integrating offending clergy to laicization of such sexual predators.  This act of charity would allow the offender ample opportunity to work on his own salvation while ensuring he can no longer ‘use his collar’ to prey on children and vulnerable adults and can no longer bring disgrace to our suffering and disgraced Church.

Sexual predator at private schools pardoned: Ex-teacher says past ‘doesn’t bother me’; victim still suffers

What can I say?  It’s more of the unbelievable same old same old isn’t it? Men who prey on boys in Canada traditionally enjoy the sympathy of the legal system and the courts, a sympathy historically and cruelly denied their victims. 

Man/boy sex abuse?  Ask our judges.  Ask our lawyers. It’s just no big deal!!  If they say otherwise, well, the proof is in the pudding.

Listen to the pain and agony of the tortured victims in Cornwall.  Watch the victims on the stand.  Tell me it’s no big deal.  Tell me that male victims of sexual abuse are not the forgotten victims in a society which for years has on the one hand prattled on ad nauseam on the horrors of sexual abuse and sexual assault and on the other cruelly and nonchalantly turned a blind eye and its back to the plight of the male victim of same-sex abuse – as the courts extended a comforting and sympathetic hand to their abusers.

There’s something wrong with this picture.

Tell me why….

That truly is enough for now,


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1 Response to Society’s forgotten victims

  1. Res Gestae says:

    Sylvia, as I’m certain you are aware, there is currently, a very BIG societal, political, judicial and legislative effort, worldwide, promoting man-boy sexual relationsgips…and….”they” are winning….THIS MUST BE PREVENTED!!

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