Rose Coloured Glasses

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I’ve been working at fixing up “The Victims” page.  As we moved along I realized I needed to find a way to make the testimony and other information on victims who are not members of the Victims Group easier to find.

I believe I now have things in some semblance of order 🙂

The other issue I am working on is how and where to post the names of the non clerical paedophiles and alleged paedophiles.  I believe it would be good to have the names grouped for easy access and quick reference, each with what information I can provide and links to their victims/alleged victims. I haven’t quite decided how to do that but would like to have it done before testimony resumes on 30 October.

I am also working on the Andre Lavoie testimony – that should be completed before Monday.

Don’t forget to check New to the Site on the Home page for new postings.  I will be posting new documents during the upcoming week which I have had on hold.  If postings are fairly self explanatory I don’t blog them, I just post them and then list on New to the Site.

Have you read Claude MacIntosh’s article, Victim exposes flawed system?  Excellent article – until we come to the part where MacIntosh concludes that Andre Lavoie “was silenced. Not by a conspiracy, as some want us to believe, but by a broken-down system that cried out for reform.”

There’s no doubt that there is need for reform.  Major reform.  BUT I must say I find it impossible to fathom why and how “the system” and those within it have consistently failed to comprehend what so most of us know deep in our hearts – no child benefits from sexual abuse, no child should be wilfully placed at risk, and sexual predators are a menace to society.

It is nice and perhaps more convenient for Mr.MacIntosh to put on rose-coloured glasses and conclude that our well educated men and women charged with executing justice and enforcing the law and so on have been collectively ignorant and/or naïve and were truly looking out for the best interests of our children when they turned one paedophile after the other loose with, at the most, a gentle slap on the wrist.

And it fits the inquiry mold.

But really, how can anyone justify what presumably intelligent people in positions of authority have been doing – or not doing – to protect our children from sexual predators? 

And if, as it seems he is, Mr.MacIntosh is prepared to excuse and rationalize and justify the abysmal and unconscionable failures which have left so many tortured souls in their wake, how does that ipso facto exclude at least the possibility that, on the part of some, the failure to protect our children was/is deliberate?

And that’s enough for now,


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