C’est la vie!

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Hearings continued at 9.30 am this morning (Thursday 19 October 2006).  Scott Burgess is back on the stand to complete his testimony which started 12 October 2006.

Jason Tyo’s testimony has been rescheduled to next week.  Tyo was supposed to follow Andre Lavoie on the stand, however cross-examination of Lavoie wrapped up at 3.30 yesterday afternoon -Scott Burgess was already scheduled to complete his testimony tomorrow and had been promised that he would not have to return again.  Therefore to start with Tyo in late afternoon yesterday would have entailed breaking his testimony.  All at the Weave Shed concurred that it would therefore be wiser to wrap up the day yesterday after Lavoie’s testimony, carry on with the completion of Scott Burgess’ testimony today and start afresh with Jason Tyo next weeka and then start with Jason Tyo.  

All very complicated isn’t it?

I haven’t really blogged Andre Lavoie’s testimony.  I touched on it, but that was it.  I could give a quick overview but have decided that would not do justice to victim testimony which warrants closer scrutiny and greater detail.  Not only, for example, did Andre tell us what happened to the young boy who was sexually abused by his Roman Catholic teacher (Robert Sabourin) nearly forty long painful years ago, he gave us a look into the haunted soul of a victim.  It was not just Andre speaking – it was every man who has been living with and trying desperately to elude the oppressive and shameful burden of his childhood abuse.

Andre became the voice of the victim.  It was quite profound.  His testimony was articulate, graphic, candid, and forthright.  He allowed us to step in to the deepest recesses of the mind and soul of a victim.  He said what so many men fear to say or want to say but as yet lack the courage.

I decided therefore that I will spend some time trying to capture the essence of Andre’s testimony.  I believe it is too important to gloss over.  It gives we, the outsiders, a very basic understanding of what so few truly comprehend, the tortured soul that becomes of the boy whose childhood innocence and youthful trust were so cruelly and perversely violated.  It will also, I believe, give victims everywhere comfort and strength.

So, my project over the next few days is to try to encapsulate and do justice to the riveting and heart wrenching testimony of a male victim of historic sexual abuse, Andre Lavoie.

Meanwhile those who have the time and inclination would do well to read the transcripts.  Day one of Andre’s testimony is available by clicking here (scroll to page 141 of transcript), and day two by clicking here.


The day has begun at the Weave Shed.  Lead counsel picked up by posing the The Perry Question: Did Scott Burgess know Perry Dunlop? Helen Dunlop? Carson Chisholm? Ron Leroux? or Charles Bourgeois?

Interesting, when The Perry Question was put to Andre Lavoie by Simon Ruel Lavoe replied in the negative.  Ruel pressed on “Have you ever met him?” Lavoie again replied in the negative, but stated “I’m not sure why I’m being asked that question” at which point Justice Glaude intervened: “C’est la vie.”

Such is life. Yes, indeed, when it comes to Cornwall, and sexual abuse, and inquiries which are research projects, and cover-ups which just keep on going and going and going, and wrapping suspect paedophiles in the Charter, and shooting the messenger,  “C’est la vie”!

Enough for now,


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