“He made us stand there and watch”

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Scott Burgess testimony has been completed.  Contrary to my understanding Jason Tyo will indeed take the stand today.  My apologies for the error – I have corrected the previous blog.

And while I’m at it, a note.  Scott Burgess’ sister was also sexually molested by Jean Luc Leblanc, a fact Scott, as  fourteen-year-old boy, apparently did not disclose to police back in 1986.  Much seemd to made of this in cross-examination.

Under examination by Dallas Lee, however, we learned that Scott did not tell anyone that his sister Cindy was also molested by LeBlanc because Scott was never specifically asked that question and, had been asked, he would have said “yes.”

When Scott was asked by Lee if he knew at the time that his sister was being molested by LeBlanc, he answered “yes.”  Asked how he knew, he replied:  “He made us stand there and watch.”

How much do lawyers expect of a fourteen-year-old boy who was molested from the time he was nine-years-old until he was eleven, and at the ripe age of 14 had endured so much depravity in his young life?  And now, in an effort to exonerate their own or whatever they’re up to, attempts are made to lay yet another heaping of guilt and shame upon the man who was that boy.

I swear I am beginning to conclude that an awfully large number of lawyers have no heart and know no shame. 


Jason Tyo’s testimony is proceeding right now in camera, apparently at his request.  There were no objections.

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