Fondling in the Cathedral

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Andre Lavoie resumes his testimony this morning at 9.30 am.  I suggest you tune in.  He is proving to be an excellent witness.  I will cover his testimony this evening.

I am sure there will be ample media coverage of yesterday’s testimony, but there are a few things I specifically want to touch upon regarding Alain Seguin’s testimony, namely: (1) fondling in the cathedral, (2) The Incident, and (3) “a homosexual relationship.”

1. Fondling in the Cathedral

Bishop Proulx left the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall in 1974.  He was transferred to the nearby Diocese of Hull, Quebec.

On 30 March 1974 Proulx was installed as Bishop of Hull.

By that time Sabourin had been molesting Alain for about two years.

Robert Sabourin attended the installation and took young Alain on the journey travelling the sixty miles from Cornwall to Ottawa, Ontario, the nation’s capital, which sits on the banks of the Ottawa River directly across the Ottawa River from Hull, Quebec (Ottawa and Hull are separated by a river and a bridge.)  They stayed at the Lord Elgin Hotel in Ottawa. 

It goes without saying that Alain was molested at the hotel.  (If you heard the testimony on Sabourin you would understand totally why I make that comment.)

During the installation at the cathedral in Hull, Sabourin and Alain had front row seats.  And there, at the front of the cathedral, during the installation of a bishop, Sabourin heaped his camera equipment on the young lad’s lap and proceeded to fondle him!

2.  The Incident
Something happened in 1987 which resulted in Alain being taken into police custody.  The records are confidential.  We know that whatever the incident it did not involve anyone else.  We also know that Seguin was not charged.

As a result of the incident Alain was interviewed by a Robert Trottier with the Cornwall Police Service.  Alain testified he told Trottier that he thought his problems were connected to something which had happened to him as a young boy.  He told Trottier there was a teacher in Cornwall who had abused him.

According to Seguin, no questions were asked.

(3) “A homosexual relationship”
Subsequent to the above Seguin was referred to the Royal Ottawa Hospital, a psychiatric institution in Ottawa, Ontario, for therapy or treatment.  He attended as an outpatient for two to three years.

Seguin testified that on a number of occasions during that period he told staff that he believed the difficulties he was experiencing related to the fact that he had been sexually abused as a child by a teacher.

No one, it seems was concerned enough to see if Sabourin was still out and about molesting young lads.  And no one, it seems, listened. In fact, not only does it seem that no one listened, at least one person from the clinic decided that a man sexually abusing a boy who is a minor – a 12 or 14-year-old boy – constitutes a homosexual relationship!

Here is a single line from an official report from the Royal Ottawa Hospital regarding Alain Seguin:

“At the age of 12 to 14, he [Seguin] was involved in a homosexual relationship with a high school teacher whom his cousin introduced to him.”

Do you see that?  According to the ROH this boy, this child, had “a homosexual relationship” with a teacher? 

Is this how the ‘experts’ at the Royal Ottawa Hospital function?  The boy’s age is a non-issue?  A minor is fair game for a homosexual predator?  A middle age man molesting a boy is categorized as “a homosexual relationship”?

I am floored!  Floored!!!

The clinic attended by Seguin was operating under the auspices of Dr. John Bradford, director of forensic psychiatry at the Royal Ottawa Hospital.  The document was not signed by Bradford.

Seguin was rightly upset when he recently saw this for the first time.  Commission staff allegedly tried to talk him out of testifying on this issue but Alain insisted that it is relevant and he wanted to address it.


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