An irrational rush to judgement

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I must draw your attention to the Editorial in yesterday’s Standard Freeholder. (“inquiry’s Imact Real” – Media page)

Please read and digest. . . .

The inquiry is working?!  Healing is beginning and closure is being achieved.  Really?!!!

If this isn’t jumping the gun and a wishful and irrational rush to judgement based on the scantiest of evidence I don’t what is.

Let’s look at the facts.

(1) To date we’ve heard testimony related to two victims whose molesters were convicted in a court of law have testified.  Both are – in the eyes of Justice Glaude – real bona fide victims.  The guilty verdict for their molesters gives assurance that whatever the dastardly circumstances, gross incompetence and/or cover-up leading to the eventual arrest and conviction of their molester, and however miniscule and inappropriate the sentencing, at the end of the day they, the victims, were and are believed by the legal system and hence by the general populace. 

In other words, from the moment the guilty verdict was rendered each victim could forever publicly say he was sexually molested, each could enjoy the assurance that his ‘coming forward’ had undoubtedly spared other young lads a similar fate, and each could publicly name his molester, call him a paedophile –  or child molester or sexual predator or whatever – without fear of legal retaliation – civil or criminal.

(2)  To date one victim  – a real victim – implied that telling his story could be the start of his healing.  The Freeholder editorialist seems to concur.  In fact, the conclusion seems to be that this is the stuff which could/will bring healing to the community.

The simplistic message conveyed here is that healing rests on one victim after the other telling his story.  That’s it.  No more is demanded and no more is needed. No search for truth. No right. No wrong. No accountability.  No justice. 

If that’s the case, why bother ourselves with an inquiry? Why bother with the thousands upon thousands of pages of redacted and un-redacted documents?  Why bother with multitude of lawyers representing the vested interests of a host of clients? And why the ‘Bring Perry Dunlop Back’ movement?

Why not, in fact, rent the town hall, send Justice Glaude, his vast team and all the conflict resolution experts packing, let the victims tell their stories and get the healing job done cheaply?

(3)  This inquiry was triggered by Project Truth.  Project Truth was and is about “alleged” victims and “alleged” sexual molesters/paedophiles.

I would suggest there is a world of difference between being an “alleged” victim and a real victim. Ditto between being an “alleged”paedophile and a paedophile. 

A number of the “alleged” victims of Project Truth had a chance to tell their stories.  Ask them if that brought healing.  Ask them how it feels to be viewed forever as a liar by the courts, the media and the community.  Ask them how it felt to spend six years in and out of court waiting, trusting, hoping.  Ask them how many times they were re-victimized by the system.  Ask them what it’s like to be labelled an “alleged” victim – forever.  Ask them what it’s like to have their rights forever trumped by those of their “alleged” molester.  Ask them what it’s like to watch the courtroom degenerate into the trial of Perry Dunlop.  Ask them how many other “alleged” victims they know who have never ‘come forward’ and say they will never ‘come forward’ – and ask why not?  Ask them what it’s like to see their “alleged” molester around children.  Ask them why they won’t set foot in a Roman Catholic church.

Ask the community if hearing the stories of “alleged” victims in the past brought healing to anyone, and if not, why not.

Ask the community why it asked for an inquiry.

(4)  The “alleged” victims who are chosen and willing have yet to take the stand.  Rest assured when that day comes it will not be a pleasant event for anyone – the “alleged” victims, their families, or those idly watching from the sidelines.  There is far too much riding on the pre-ordained assurance and absolute necessity that the “alleged” paedophiles of Cornwall remain just that – “alleged.”  

And rest assured that every “public” institution implicated in any way shape or form will send its lawyers in for the kill to ensure the “alleged” status prevails.  This is a case where the end has always justified the means.  It’s not about to change.

Rest assured the tears have barley begun to flow.

And don’t be surprised if this parade of token real and alleged victims isn’t about manipulating public opinion to believe that the real victims are the only victims, and that the “alleged” victims are actually part of a conspiracy orchestrated by Perry Dunlop in his spare time, and that the “alleged” victims fabricated allegations against various pillars of the community and skilfully mimicked the shame and pain and stereotypical behaviour of real victims just for the sheer fun of it, and that the Cornwall sexual abuse scandal was no scandal at all but a giant hoax orchestrated by Perry, and that, ipso facto, there never was and is not now a paedophile ring, and there never was and is not now a cover-up, and that ipso facto Perry Dunlop should be charged with something or other.

I’m serious.  The end justifies the means.

And if anyone is still ready to take the Freeholder Editorial too much to heart let’s just wait and see how many dramatic episcopal apologies flow to those “alleged” victims of “alleged” clerical molesters as Bishop Durocher watches from the comfort of his Episcopal palace as the “alleged” victims of clerical sexual abuse are methodically and very publicly maligned, degraded, pumelled and humiliated by his legal team.

And that truly is enough for now,


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P.P.S.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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2 Responses to An irrational rush to judgement

  1. Res Gestae says:

    “Memo: Fictional or not?
    “To: The Mainstream News Media
    From: The Cornwall Public Inquiry
    Re: Saving Face and Public Opinion

    Please “paint a positive picture on anything we do.”



    Again you have pointed out significant, provocative issues and encouraged debate.

    1)Through various representations the world was led to believe The Cornwall Public Inquiry evolved from the petition signed by tens of thousands of local citizen’s demanding a public inquiry be held in relation to the very publicized “Project Truth et al” issues:

    2) Voluminous, recorded statements and representations in the Canadian, Ontario Provincial Parliament made by many different politicians, but most significantly by Ottawa-Nepean M.P.P. Garry Guzzo, reiterated references to “Project Truth et al” issues and the need for a public inquiry; more than one Private Members’ Bill was introduced:

    3) Voluminous news articles, available today online, repeatedly and undeniably “bond” “The Cornwall Public Inquiry” and “Project Truth et al”, in fact, many news media reports, refered to commencement of “The Cornwall Public Inquiry” as “The Project Truth Inquiry.”

    AND NOW:

    As news media reports, online, disclose; The Cornwall Public Inquiry is NOT related to “Project Truth et al”.

    It appears to me, Judge Glaude et al, have slowly, deliberately and methodically “lulled” the mainstream news media and MOST PEOPLE, into “accepting” that The Cornwall Public Inquiry is more of a “research paper” type of public inquiry, addressing the “general” response by the community to a social issue.

    My Questions for now:

    A) So, why was this Public Inquiry held in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada when it could have been held in ANY other Canadian community or “World” community, if it has nothing to do with “Project Truth et al?”.


    B) Why the need for Police Constable Perry Dunlop’s appearance and testimony, if “The Cornwall Public Inquiry” has nothing to do with “Project Truth et al?”

    Judge Glaude, The Provincial and/or Federal Courts et al, HAVE NO AUTHORITY in compelling, petitioning, or “legislating” Police Constable Perry Dunlop’s appearance and testimony, because, among other points, Police Constable Pery Dunlop’s expertise and knowledge may be construed to be directly related to “Project Truth et al” and not the “general” mandate assigned to the non-related “The Cornwall Public Inquiry”, therefore Police Constable Perry Dunlop has NO OBLIGATION to offer testimony surrounding information he learned, discovered and/or was “privy to” in “Project Truth et al.”


    It is my opinion for anyone experiencing the trauma, injury, pain and suffering as I perceive many victims of sexual abuse experience, I believe intervention, treatment and recovery are essential to……living and or participating in society!

    Taking into consideration The Cornwall Public Inquiry is now perceived by many to be a, “Research Project”, not “Project Truth et al” related and taking into account testimonies by witnesses, I believe that besides the altruistic values of self-disclosure, such as the self-disclosures by recent “real, acknowledged and recognized” victims and their Mother’s at the Cornwall Public Inquiry, the victims and their Mother’s experience very beneficial consequences. For these reason’s alone, I wish ALL people could engage in self-disclosure.
    HOWEVER real, genuine, bona-fide, individual and community healing will only occur, when,

    i) the social problem has been identified, defined, acknowledged and disclosed;

    ii) there is an intervention strategy put into place;

    iii) there is assigned responsiblity for deviant, unlawful behaviours;

    iv) there are consequences for the deviant, unlawful behaviours;

    v) there are micro-macro, socio, economic, legal, etc., modifications made to existing or non-existing preventative, proactive, identification/diagnosing, intervention, treatment and evaluation, monitoring programs.

  2. Sylvia says:

    You added to and rounded out what I had to say so well.

    Yes, indeed there are/can be beneficial effects to victims and/or their mothers taking the stand. I don’t believe I acknowledged that and apologize to the witnesses if I inadvertently minimized that fact.

    Ultimately it is the truth which will set the victims, the community and the nation free of this paedophilic blight which has held Cornwall hostage and has a stranglehold on our legal system, judiciary,legislatures and parliament.

    Healing, closure and other related and requisite interventions would be the natural aftermath.

    But it’s pretty hard to expose the truth if the object of the exercise at hand is to avoid seeking, persuing and exposing, as they say, ” the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.”

    Therefore, at the end of this exercise in futility called an inquiry (read research project) there can be and will be no closure and no healing.

    How sad for one and all.


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