Into the lion’s den!

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More computer problems 🙁  I spent the evening online with Ma Bell.  Eventually all was fixed and running.  Then this morning everything was down again.  Now fixed so I’m crossing my fingers!

Hearings have resumed. Lunch break right now, so, very quickly.

(1) The self-imposed legal muzzles are coming off.  How else explain the inordinate focus on paedophile ring, cover-up, and Perry Dunlop?

And all I can say is God help the poor soul who is thrown into that lion’s den they call the Weave Shed. 

I have seen what happens when one lawyer sets out to confuse and unnerve a victim on the stand.  It’s not pretty.  And I’ve seen what happens when one lawyer goes after Perry Dunlop.  That’s not pretty either.  And I will tell you it’s outright vile when a judge gets in on the act.

But fifteen?  Well, perhaps one or two, maybe three max, will stay clear. That leaves twelve?  I’d say that the Weave Shed is rather nicely stacked to jointly decimate a witness.  When the gang joins forces to go for a jugular, be it a victim’s or Dunlop’s, the witness will be mince meat. 

(2) the first victim on the stand has no connection to Project Truth.  But the question of the day was asked:  did he ever have anything to do with Perry Dunlop, or Perry’s wife, or anyone having anything to do with Perry Dunlop?

It doesn’t take a course in rocket science to see where this is going, does it?

And on that note a few quick quotes and final comment:

(1)  Justice Boramnd Glaude 01 June 06:

(from the transcript):   “when we first started this inquiry, I found that there was a lot of rumours, swirling around a lot of innuendo, a lot of things that, well, were just not factual.”

(2)  The OPP line 04 October 2006

For many years, misinformation, inaccuracies, false rumours, half truths and outright lies have been fed to this community regarding historic abuse in the Cornwall area. The misinformation, the inaccuracies, the false rumours, the half truths, the outright lies became newsworthy, and so they were disseminated through the local, regional and national media. They were communicated via various websites, some of which continue to publish to this day.

Eventually, they were the subject matter of gossip and repetition around the water coolers, in the lunchrooms, at the hair salons and barber shops, along the courthouse corridors and on the streets of Cornwall and the surrounding communities. The spread of misinformation, inaccuracies, false rumours, half truths and outright lies has poisoned the atmosphere in this community. It has
caused anger, mistrust, divisiveness, and disharmony. It has ruined lives in the process.

(3) Lead Counsel Engelmann 04 October 2006: 

We have heard it said by parties that those who allege the existence of a ring or a clan must come forward. They must be examined. They must be cross examined. We agree. This is their opportunity. If people are going to make these allegations they should come forward and they should do so here. This is the opportunity to do so.

I certainly agree with Mr. Callaghan’s (Cornwall Police Services) comment that people who allege conspiracy or innuendo or rumours or collusion on the part of his client need to come forward. He needs to have a chance to confront them.

Note please that Justice Normand Glaude has already dismissed the rumour and innuendo as factual, and note that now his Glaude’s lead counsel Peter Engelmann is urging people who allege a paedophile ring and cover-up to come forward because “this is their opportunity” and because Mr. Callaghan with the Cornwall Police Service “needs a chance to confront them.”

Can you believe it?  “Confront.”  Lead Counsel Engelmann tells us that Mr. Callaghan (Cornwall Police) “needs” a chance to “confront” those people whom he, Engelmann, is urging to come forward?  Confront!  

Right!  Right into the lion’s den!! 

I do hope people can see what’s going on here. 

Perry Dunlop is the scape goat. 
Rest assured once they start in on Perry  – as they will – there will be not a boo from the gathered throngs about Perry’s presumption of innocence, right to privacy or Charter rights. 

Enough for now,


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