Alleged sex abuse victim tasered

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My internet connection went down this am so I missed the entire morning session.  Ma Bell finally got me back online this afternoon.

Before I touch the today’s events at the Weave Shed I must draw your attention to the media articles which were posted today (scroll down page), and at this point most particularly to an article in today’s Ottawa Sun “Cops Tasered sex inquiry witness.”

Yes indeed D.S. was tasered, and from what I hear he was tasered in a rather delicate part of his anatomy.  Whether that was by accident or design I have no idea. 

D.S., for those new to Cornwall, is the “alleged” victim of Father Charles MacDonald (Charlie) who was hushed by the diocese in 1993 with a $32,000 payoff which included an illegal gag order.  And for all of the denials of a cover-up what happened around the DS sex abuse allegations was, to put it very simply, a cover-up.

Anyway, once word of the hushmoney and gag order was out D.S., along with several other “alleged” victims of Charlie, spent years being bounced around by the ‘system,” time after time believing that justice was just around the corner – and in the end watching in stunned disbelief as Charlie walked – right over Perry Dunlop’s back and right out into the streets of Cornwall.

D.S. is one of the un-named individuals I referenced a few days back who, I said, was about to be subpoenaed.  Word of the subpoena wafted out around the same time that we heard that Charlie was preparing to appeal the Ontario Divisional Court ruling that victims can testify, albeit, as I must always add, in a limited fashion.

So, there it was.  Right around the time Charlie announced he was going courtroom hopping the inquiry staff belatedly (seemingly) and amazingly acquired an interest in D.S. 

And here we are. in some sort of trouble .

I truly don’t know what transpired and why police felt it necessary to taser him, but I will tell you that I knew when I heard that the inquiry staff was after D.S. he would undoubtedly be triggered.  That’s D.S.  He’s not unique.  You just don’t play around with the minds and emotions of so many of these “alleged” victims.

Why Spice et al refused to wait until they knew what was going on with Charlie is beyond me.  Why they felt the need to drag D.S. into the the uncertainty which enshrouds the way ahead for Charlie’s “alleged” victims is beyond me.

The could not or did not wait.  D.S.learned he was about to be subpoenaed. 

What impact did John Spice, Peter Engelmann et al suppose that might have have on men who have been kicked in the teeth by lawyers and judges for years?

Many many months ago I said that the victims involved in the inquiry were like lambs being led to the slaughter.  

I reiterate that thought.  And I reiterate my deep concern for the damage this ruse of an inquiry will inflict upon the “alleged” victims.  I shudder to think of the aftermath and what will happen when huggy-bear-kissy-face is a thing of the past and the “alleged” victims realize have been royally used and abused – again, and again and again.


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