This is repulsive!

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The hearings at the Weave Shed commence at 10 am this morning NOT 9.30 as previously announced.

I blogged very quickly yesterday – I had had enough. 

Strange how on one hand you can see what’s in the offing but on the other find it hits like a ton of bricks when it becomes reality.

That’s what yesterday was like – for me at least.  It’s just plain hard to accept the reality that these people have the gaul to make Perry Dunlop their fall guy one more time. 

And I suppose why not?  Perry is another gift horse, isn’t he?  How many lawyers and judges shuttled how many alleged paedophiles to freedom on Perry’s back? 

And by the sound of things at the Weave Shed yesterday virtually every lawyer has Perry in their sights, is in crouch mode and set to pounce. 

Perry is the villain!   What in the name of God has become of common sense? 

This is repulsive!  It’s almost as repulsive as the sexual abuse of young boys. Almost.  

How can anyone watch this charade unfold and remain silent?

Anyway, I will briefly recap the arguments of all parties sometime over the next few days and post them on the site so we can refer back to it as needed.. 

Meanwhile IF things proceed as planned the opening statements from parties with standing will proceed and wrap up this morning.  Victim testimony is scheduled to commence this afternoon.

Enough for now,


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2 Responses to This is repulsive!

  1. Myomy says:

    Perry Dunlop is being shown as a Christ like figure. The guilt of everyone is being laid on him and Any contact with Perry makes all the guilty innocent. This piling on Perry Dunlop is wearing thin. The more they try to discredit him the better he looks.

  2. Sylvia says:

    What a profound insight! Yes. You are so right. Any contact with Perry makes all the guilty innocent. That is exactly how it seems to work!


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