Back into the lion’s den

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Ooops!  I erred.  I do believe Justice Glaude will manage to get victims on the stand before week’s end after all 🙂

 It’s really quite amazing what happened in the Weave Shed this afternoon.  The hobbled inquiry is moving along at the speed of sound.  Amazing!  This is a first!

In the twinkle of an eye the Catholic School Board of Eastern Ontario requested and was granted standing.  Honest to goodness.  No hassle. No questions.  It was theirs for the asking.  Swish bang.  I’m sure it was over and done with in less than a minute.  Reasons for Glaude granting standing are to follow some time in the future, but right now the object of the Glaude exercise seems to be to move things along and get those victims and “alleged” victims on the stand as soon as possible.

And so it was rapid-fire – one lawyer after the other up and finished, yes, in the twinkling of an eye.  Really!  I kid you not.  It’s been a sort of breathless legal relay, words spilling out in rapid succession from this one to the other one, with this one making Perry Dunlop the scapegoat here, that one implicating Dunlop as a villain there, and the other scrambling to climb aboard the legally and judicially tried and true “it’s all Perry’s fault” bandwagon. 

And Heaven forbid I overlook the little treatise on the anguish and suffering of poor Jacques Leduc which sounded remarkably like the treatise once issued by Justice James Chadwick when he gave Leduc his first “walk” on Perry Dunlop’s back.  And of course this coupled with the traditional Leduc vindictive of Perry and implication that the alleged victims are liars.

So now we know that in the not too distant future Perry will be hurled back into the lion’s den and those who didn’t finish him off before will have another go. 

In Canada this is legal.  It’s one of the many ways our “system” ensures that alleged paedophiles enjoy their “presumption of innocence.”

I am disgusted.

Enough for now,


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