A few more names

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How could I have missed?  I’ve just added four more names to the list of clergy charged, sued or accused (Monsignor R.J. MacDonald and Fathers John McPhail, John Donihee and Norman Loney).  At the moment the only information posted on each is basically date of ordination and death (these four are deceased).  Rather than link you to each page I will simply direct you to The Diocese.  Click on the blue drop-down menu at the top of the page.  Click on the names.

As I said earlier, there are other names which I have not as yet added to the list.  Those whom I have simply overlooked (as with the above four) I will add as I go along.  Others I will play by ear.   Given the overt judicial and legal sympathies proffered upon real and alleged paedophiles in Canada, it’s a dicey situation 🙁 

Things rev up again at the Weave Shed at 2 pm today (03 October 2006).  Whether or not “Charlie” ( Father Charles MacDonald) will get set to launch an appeal of the Ontario Divisional Court ruling re victim testimony remains to be seen. 

I will of course blog as we go….

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