Pictures of Viatorian paedophiles posted

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Those who routinely check “New to the Site”  (access via the Home page) will have noticed that pictures of three clergy charged, sued or accused were added to the site on the weekend. 

Romeo Major
Rene Dube
Lucien Lussier

This morning I added pictures of three  Viatorian paedophiles. They are accessible via the blue drop-down menu on The Diocese page. (Father Paul Desilet’s picture was posted some time ago)

I still am working on and must complete the information on Bishop Eugene Larocque.  Once that is accomplished I think for right now I’ll leave it at that but assure you that for various reasons this list is not exhausitive.  I will add to the list as I can :).

A reminder to check “New to the Site” on the Home page regularly.  I frequently post new material on the website without blogging it.
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