Would you blow the whistle on sex abuse?

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I’ve just posted an excellent article which is well worth the read – yet another reminder of what “Cornwall” is really about and the toll the battle for truth and justice had taken on Perry and Helen Dunlop by 1999 (that was before lawyers and judges alike turned the sex abuse trials of two alleged padophiles into the trial and villification of Perry.)

“Would you blow the whistle on sex abuse?” ran in the March 1999 edition of Chatelaine.  I have posted two versions, the scanned article itself which includes several pictures, and a text only version which is easier to read.  Both versions are accessible via links on the Perry Dunlop page.

Incidentally the lawsuit referenced in the article never made it to court. The massive legal costs were just too much – that’s what tends to happen when a ‘little’ guy tries to take on the ‘big’ guys:(    


A quick note of interest.  After a rather brief stint in Cornwall (less than 2 years?)  Jack Romanelli, Editor of the Cornwall Standard Freeholder is leaving.  Romanelli’s farewell column appeared in yesterday’s Freeholder – no explanation, no date of departure, no indication of where he’s heading, and no indication of who will be taking the reins at the Freeholder.

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