Victims are on the roster

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Believe it or not, eighteen months after the inquiry was commissioned (April 2005), ten months after parties were granted standing, and seven months after hearings commenced we are going to hear from some real honest to goodness victims.The Cornwall Public Inquiry website has listed the following as witnesses for the week of October 03:

Larry Seguin
Juliette Seguin
Lyse Brisson
Benoit Brisson
Denise Deslauriers

There is the caveat of course that this is subject to change.

A change in start time too.  Tuesday 03 October will commence at 2 pm as previously planned.  Thereafter proceedings will commence at 9.30am (one half hour earlier than usual).

And, this notice:

Broadcast quality pool composite video feed (from 3-4 fixed and one active camera) and balanced XLR audio feed will be available in both official languages beginning next year and in the language in which representations are made for the November hearings. Outlets will be located in the media room (8 video and 16 audio)

I assume that means that until January 2007 there will be no translation when proceedings are conducted in French? 

After all this time and after the big push from a very small cadre for a bilingual judge not a soul thought of getting translators lined up for the proceedings until now?

This is truly an outrage and an insult to many non-French-speaking victims and citizens who fought long and hard for a public inquiry!  I am floored!!

Enough for now,


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