Flexing his judicial muscle

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NEWS FLASH:  Subpoenas in the offing

The Cornwall Public Inquiry is about to subpoena some of Father Charles MacDonald’s (Charlie’s) alleged victims. 

The inquiry’s sudden interest in these particular individuals is unknown.  The burning question of course is: why subpoena Charlie’s alleged victims now?

The move comes as Charlie prepares to appeal the decision of the Ontario Divisional Court that victims can testify, albeit in a limited fashion.  The decision upheld a previous decision rendered by Commissioner Justice Normand Glaude.

Father MacDonald’s anticipated appeal ensures that none of his alleged victims will be able to testify until such time as he has achieved the ruling he seeks or satisfies himself that he has exhausted the appeal process.  This could take years.

Given the ill founded mandate and no intent of assigning blame, exposing the cover-up or getting ‘alleged’ paedophiles of the streets one truly has to wonder why Justice Glaude has suddenly decided to flex his judicial muscle. 

Or, perchance has there been a back-room deal cut?  Is there the remotest possibility that Charlie is hanging on to the wheel more tightly than we thought?  Is there perhaps an agreement that Charlie will stick with the inquiry status quo (no appeals) and Glaude in turn will do his bidding when it comes to selecting and examining Charlie’s token alleged victims?

Whatever.  The harassment and re-victimization of the “alleged” victims by the judiciary and legal system continues. . . . . 

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