And yet another of Cornwall’s clerical paedophiles

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Information on yet another of Cornwall’s clerical paedophiles, Father Hollis Lapierre, has been posted.  The information I have researched and have on hand regarding Father Hollis Lapierre’s movements within the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall is rather limited but there is certainly enough to have an idea of which parishes he served in.

Those familiar with the Cornwall scandal will recall that the now deceased Hollis Lapierre was a good friend of clerical paedophiles Fathers Donald Scott (Don Scott) and Paul Lapierre (no relation).

A reminder that the above posting and names of other clergy from the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall who have been charged, sued or accused can be accessed manually via clicking on the blue drop-down menu at the top of The Diocese page, then click on the name.

I will carry on with the rest of the list.

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