Some real and alleged clerical paedophiles of Cornwall

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Two more pages are more or less done 🙂

(1) The Viatorian priests of the Classical College who were charged, sued or accused, and

(2) Father Lucien Lussier.

Both pages can be accessed manually by going to The Diocese.  Click on the blue drop-down menu at the top of the page, then click on the name.

I say the pages are more or less done because as you can see the listings are far from exhaustive.  I don’t have all of the yearly whereabouts of each priest in question and filling in the missing years at this time would entail many more days of research in libraries than I am not prepared to undertake at this time :).

Therefore I have posted much of the information which I had researched in past years and which I happen to have available at this time.  Unless otherwise indicated the years which are NOT listed are those for which my research is incomplete, that is why there is sometimes no listing showing the parish with which a priest was affiliated or his geographical location.

It is also important to note that the availability of information regarding a priest’s involvement in various diocesan activities is sometimes sketchy after the fact.  Therefore those activities listed for each priest are simply those which I found through various sources – each priest may well have been involved in any number of other diocesan activities and in different years.

Finally, please realize that this list of clergy from the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall charged, sued or accused is also far from exhaustive.  I may amend the list as I work on it – in fact have done so already –  plus there are a number of clergy whom I know have been accused of sexual abuse but can not be added to the list because although their names are known throughout most of Cornwall the sexual abuse allegations against them have not been out in the public domain, i.e, the mainstream media.  In addition I am very familiar with sexual abuse allegations – from a number of sources – against a number of clergy who are now deceased, however it is a number of years since I heard those allegations and I would like to confirm them before adding  I add the priest’s name to the list. I will also add the names of any lving clergy who were accused if I discover that charges were officially laid and then withdrawn for some reason.

And, …once I have the information on the remaining clergy posted I will start scanning pictures to accompany the various postings :).

And that’s enough for now,


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