What about the children?

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We probably won’t see the actual written decision for a week or more, but here’s what we know at this moment from Cornwall’s AM 1220:

Privileged Inquiry Documents Remain Privileged Despite Commissioner’s Ruling

September 21, 2006 — A panel of judges in Toronto did not uphold a public inquiry ruling that would see the Cornwall Police Service and the diocese hand over what they consider to be private letters, memos, and notes. While the commissioner’s original ruling was quashed, all parties agreed the rule needs to be amended. The divisional court recommended the police and diocese provide a detailed listing of all so called privileged documents rather than hand over all their files. If commission counsel feels they need to see a privilege document, and the police or diocese do not want to provide it, the commission can bring the matter before a superior court judge. The inquiry is expected to resume in early October.

I’ll wait to see the decision before commenting further, but right off the bat I’d say the recent Cornwall-related Supreme Court of Canada decision Goodis v Ontario (Ministry of Correctional Services) came – fortuitously for some? – in the nick of time. 

Ah yes, the paedophiles of Cornwall and those who cover up for them can sleep tight. What more could they ask?  They have the Charter of Rights, the Supreme Court of Canada, the judiciary, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, Attorney General Michael Bryant, the mandate and the whole darn Cornwall Public Inquiry looking out for their best interests.

And the victims, real and “alleged”?  What about them?

And justice and truth? What about them?

And the children?  What about the children?  The children wilfully placed at risk? Who’s looking out for their best interests?

God help us!



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