Alleged paedophiles are in the driver’s seat

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It goes from ho-hum, to outright ridiculous, to pathetic, to hilarious to sheer insanity at the Cornwall Weave Shed where Justice Normand Glaude and his “public” inquiry gamely hobble along.  The only given in the many faces of the inquiry is that real and alleged paedophiles are in the driver’s seat and behind the wheel at every bend in the crooked road.

According to MacDonald could stop inquiry from proceeding the latest twist is that  “Charlie” (alleged clerical paedophile Father Charles MacDonald) is considering appealing the Ontario Divisional Court decision upholding Glaude’s decision that victims can testify at the Cornwall inquiry albeit, as I always add, in a limited fashion – a very limited fashion.

An appeal of course means that until resolution all the Charlie-related “victims” and victim testimony will be off limits at the Weave Shed.  And resolution could take forever!

The truth is that with access to some deep pockets Charlie, with the cooperation of our notoriously tardy courts, could successfully keep every whisper of a sex abuse allegation against himself out of the Weave Shed and out of the public domain until we’re all old and grey and, barring unforeseen developments, Charlie is six feet under tightly shrouded in his “presumption of innocence.”

I say with access to some deep pockets because it is certainly my understanding that Glaude broke tradition and set precedent by granting Charlie the much needed funding to carry his gripe about Glaude’s ruling on victim testimony to the Ontario Divisional Court, and I know for a fact that despite the fact that granting Charlie funding was precedent setting Glaude insisted it really wasn’t and it wouldn’t happen again!

So if Charlie is getting set to keep this up he has obviously had his pockets gilded by a benevolent and sympathetic benefactor – or – or, he plans to go begging again by putting Glaude and the toothless mandate to a second test by filing a second motion for additonal funding which might see the commissioner give a second non-precedent setting precedent the judicial nod to yet another raid of our sorely depleted pockets.

Rest assured that whichever way it goes the alleged paedophiles are behind the wheel at every turn…

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