$900 a day!

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The politically-well-connected Communications and Media Relations Coordinator for the Cornwall Public Inquiry Marie Josee Lapointe is back in the news again!

This time the lady chosen by Justice Glaude to do damage control regarding his Cornwall connections is under the gun for billing the Tory government a whopping $900/day for time spent on a job half done on an untendered contract.


$900 a day!!!

You may recall that Treasury Board John Baird was quick to act when word of Lapointe’s untendered contract seeped out in the public domain last April.  It certainly had the look of a political favour for Lapointe’s volunteer work with the new Harper government transition team.  But, once word was out, that was the end of it and Lapointe was out of that particular job.

And here we go again…

I have little interest in this instance of the politics at play.  The federal Liberals are the ones aiming their sights at Lapointe and the Harper Tories, but I am mindful here of the fact that the McGuinty provincial Liberals gave us Justice Normand Glaude and a paedophile-friendly mandate, and I am also mindful of the fact that at least one Harper Cabinet Minister, Jim Flaherty, allowed Cornwall to fester while he was Attorney General in the Michael Harris Ontario Tory government – and, yes, I’m mindful of the fact that Marie Josee, through her ‘volunteer’ involvement with the federal Tory Transition Team, may well have played a hand in getting Flaherty into cabinet.

And last but by no means least I am very cognizant of the fact that Marie Josee Lapointe has shown through past actions that she is no friend of Prime Minister Stephen Harper – plus she happens to be the daughter of a Liberal Senator.

It doesn’t matter.  I realized long ago that the Cornwall sex abuse scandal and cover-up transcends political lines.  Liberals, Tories – it makes no difference.  Liberals are implicated in the cover-up.  Tories are implicated in the cover-up.  A goodly number of Liberals seem to be paedophile-friendly.  A goodly number of Tories seem to be paedophile friendly.  There are Tories implicated in the scandal who are buddies of Liberals who are implicated in the scandal.

The bottom line politically and putting it very simplisticly is that whichever party happened to be in power and turned the tradtional blind eye to the plight of the victims, the pleas of Perry Dunlop, the vulnerable children wilfully placed at risk, the documented allegations of a paedophile ring and cover-up, and the travesties of justice wrought by federally appointed judges in the courtrooms of Cornwall and by provincially-appointed judges in the courtrooms of Ottawa and Cornwall are implicated in the cover-up.

No.  I’m not the least bit interested in who gains or loses political brownie points in this mini showdown. My interest in this latest Marie Josee revelation is strictly financial.

$900/day!!!  That’s what I’m interested in.

I’m interested in what it’s costing the tax payers of Ontario to have Marie Josee Lapointe do damage control for Justice Glaude and look after his media relations for this ruse of an inquiry which, as you well know, I am now convinced is meant to be the final chapter in the cover-up.

So, thinking financially, some questions:

(1) How much is it costing the taxpayers of Ontario to have Marie Josee Lapointe as Communications and Media Relations Coordinator for the Cornwall Public Inquiry?

(2) In her work for the inquiry is Ms. Lapointe paid by the hour? the month? or the year?

(3) If her salary is hourly, how does Lapointe bill her time with the Cornwall Public Inquiry when she is nestled in her G-4 Communications office in Ottawa?

(4) Was Lapointe drawing a salary of any kind from the Cornwall Public Inquiry while she was working on her untendered Tory contract? and,

(5) This isn’t financial, but just out of sheer interest and outright curiosity, does the media know that Marie Josee Lapointe has been and is gainfully employed at the Cornwall Public Inquiry?  I haven’t seen a word of that anywhere.

$900 a day!  Amazing!!!


You may have noticed that “Charlie’s” picture was posted earlier.  I am going to continue adding to the list of clergy who were charged, sued or accused.

Enough for now,

(cornwall@the inquiry.ca)

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