A real hero

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Two pictures and a couple of new articles have been posted and I’ve done a bit of fixing up on the Perry Dunlop page.

The pictures posted on the Perry Dunlop page are long overdue. As they say: a picture paints a thousand words.  There are Perry and Helen exchanging rings, and there is “Charlie” (Father Charles MacDonald) himself officiating.

Right underneath is the Dunlop family: Perry, Helen and their three beautiful little girls.  I believe this picture was taken around the time Perry turned to the Children’s Aid Society after he inadvertently discovered there were sexual abuse allegations Father MacDonald and probation officer Ken Seguin which were no longer under investigation by the Cornwall Police Service.

The article There goes a true hero  was written in 1999, some years later after the Dunlops had decided it was time to pack their bags and their children and get out of Cornwall.  And there are Perry and Helen on the porch – Perry comforting his wife.  (This is a JPEG file – I do hope you can enlarge it or have the ability to magnify the text.  It’s a good article.)

Then, in 2000, after the Dunlops have shaken the dust from their sandals and relocated in the West the sex abuse lawsuit is launched against Ontario Ministry of Correctional Services.  (I made mention of this in a blog the other day, it’s about half way through  “Is the gag absolutely essential?” ) I posted these two articles because they contain some information regarding the nature of the sex abuse allegations against Ministry employees.    

The lawsuit was settled out of court by the office of the Ontario Attorney General, the same office which pays Justice Normand Glaude’s salary, and the same office which selected Glaude and, yes, the same office which decided not to proceed with charges against a number of Cornwall’s suspect paedophiles, and, yes indeed, the same office which provided the manpower to craft a mandate which ensures that the paedophiles of Cornwall and those who obstructed and obstruct justice on their behalf can sleep tight at night.

Sometimes I am beyond making comment or trusting myself to do so 🙁  This is one of those moments. But I will allow myself the privilege of concurring that yes indeed, Perry Dunlop is a true hero. 

And that’s enough for now,


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