What absolute nonsense!

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Can you believe it? Another cancellation in the hearing schedule of Cornwall inquiry!  I do believe the inquiry schedule evolves at a pace which outpaces the evolving sexual abuse the policies, practices and procedures of various “public” institutions.

That means NO, repeat, NO, hearings at the Weave Shed for the entire month of September.

The next scheduled hearing is Tuesday 03 October 2006 at 2 pm.

And, while the 19th September 2006 hearing was quietly axed and the schedule revised the commission quietly posted “Commonly Asked Questions About Phase 2 for the Cornwall Public Inquiry.”  That’s the huggy-bear-face-kissy-face sessions where various experts will lead one and all into healing and forgiving so that alleged victims who were allegedly never sexually abused can forgive the alleged paedophiles who never abused them, and alleged paedophiles who allegedly molested can forgive those who whom they allegedly never molested but who nevertheless made the alleged molester’s life miserable by alleging they did.

And then the whole community which has been incapable of having their children protected by “the system” and/or through legal channels or getting anyone to take alleged paedophiles off the streets and out of the sanctuaries will get together and, with the able guidance of various “experts” in conflict resolution and a variety of other “experts” who don’t know much about historical sexual abuse, share their ideas on how to protect children from alleged child molesters, and how to teach children to protect themselves from alleged child molesters, and how to identify children who have been sexually molested.

What absolute nonsense!  And what a terrible insult to common sense and betrayal of our children!!

I can say no more. . .



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