An exorbitantly costly ruse

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Alas when it comes to inquiries and sexual predators there is rarely an ounce of good news emanating from Cornwall.

Read the latest news items posted on the Media page: “Cornwall Police Inquiry Tab Growing,” and “High Risk Offenders in Cornwall” (scroll to bottom)

A $235,000+ payment to the legal team representing Cornwall police at the inquiry (that would be John Callaghan/Gowling, Lafleur, Henderson) That brings the pay-out to date to a tidy $1.1M.

Imagine!  $1.1M. 

And that’s just the tab to date for ONE party with standing. 

If the tab for Cornwall police is already over the million mark can you imagine how much money has gone down the drain to date?

I personally believe it would be money well spent if there was at least a feeble attempt to shed light on the sexual abuse problems which have plagued Cornwall and prompted calls for an inquiry, namely the allegations of a paedophile and cover-up. 

But, no.  That’s not in the mandate.  And besides, Justice Glaude long ago determined behind closed doors that the “rumour” and “innuendo” swirling around Cornwall are false.

So to date your hard-earned tax dollars have been funnelled furiously into a series of make-work projects for lawyers, social workers, judges, psychiatrists, psychologists, researchers,  “experts” and a plethora of government bureaucracies and bureaucrats professing or said to profess some knowledge of or interest in sexual abuse in general.

. . . And no one but no one involved in a sexual abuse cover-up will be identified or held accountable for obstructing justice.

. . . And no one, not one single child molester who was/is part of a paedophile ring will be identified as such by the commission or held accountable.

. . . And not one, not one single “alleged” paedophile who has eluded justice thanks to the intervention of his well-placed peers will be yanked from streets or sanctuaries and put behind bars.

So where is money going to hand over fist?

Research!  I call it the final chapter of the cover-up.  They call it research.

And here’s how the research project/cover-up is being financed . . . .

First, let’s look at those with standing and/or funding.  (in this instance of looking at the over-all costs the funding component is truly irrelevant because in the long run the dollars all come from the taxpayers’ purse). Now, using the Cornwall Police $1.1M as a baseline try to tally the bill to date for the following, bearing in mind that most lawyers are incurring substantial additional travel costs as they travel back and forth by train, plane and/or car to Cornwall from their home bases around Ontario and that while in Cornwall receive a per diem for hotels, meals and other expenses which probably amounts to at least $200/day:

  1.  the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)
  2. the Attorney General’s office (AG)
  3. the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services and Adult Community Corrections (Sol Gen)
  4. the Children’s Aid Society
  5. the Ontario Provincial Police Association
  6. Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall
  7. Jacques Leduc
  8. Ken Seguin’s estate and brother
  9. “Charlie,” (Father Charles MacDonald)
  10. the Men’s Project
  11. the Upper Canada District School Board
  12. Citizens for Community Renewal
  13. the Victims Group

That must be well over $20M?

Now see if you can come up with a guesstimate and tack on the following costs, bearing in mind again that the majority of the commission staff are travelling back and forth to Cornwall:

  • Justice Glaude salary and expenses
  • G-4 Communications salaries and expenses
  • Translators’ and court reporters’ salaries and expenses
  • Commission lawyers’ salaries and expenses
  • Commission investigator’s salaries and expenses
  • All other inquiry full or part-time inquiry staff salaries and expenses
  • Psychiatric and/or counselling services for real and alleged victims
  • Psychiatric services and/or counselling for real and alleged child molesters
  • Psychiatric and/or counselling services for anyone otherwise involved or impacted by the inquiry.
  • Fees and expenses for “expert” witnesses
  • Salaries and expenses for the Witness Support Program
  • Salaries and expenses for members of the Advisory Panel
  • Salaries and expenses for researcher
  • Travel costs for real and alleged victims and sexual predators visiting psychiatrists etc.
  • Expenses and travel costs for the real and alleged victims who have travelled to Cornwall
  • Additional funding for the Men’s Project
  • Rental costs for office space and the hearing room at the Weave Shed
  • Purchase and/or rental of computers, photocopiers, fax machines, scanners, telephones and other office equipment
  • Photocopy costs and costs of office supplies and other office-related expenses

What do you come up with? 

I’m guessing here, but I think it must be in the range of $30 – 50M, and probably closer to if not beyond the latter.

And “substantive” hearings haven’t begun!

And there’s nothing happening at the Weave Shed for the entire month of September!!

And this will probably drag on for another year!!!

I am floored.  I truly am.  I had no idea so much money would be poured into this ruse.  

What would you do if you ordered a diamond ring, paid $20,000 cash and got a plastic ring worth 5 cents from a Cracker Jack box with assurances that this may not be exactly what you wanted but you should be thankful you got a ring in the first place and you can pretend it’s diamond and in time you’ll get over not having the real thing and with a little therapy may even come to believe it’s the real thing ?  I think you’d demand the ring you ordered and paid for.  I certainly would.  And if I couldn’t get my money back I’d settle for nothing less.

So why, oh why are we letting the McGuinty government and its minions deceive us and steal us blind when it comes to the pursuit of truth and justice?

I don’t understand.  Children are at risk. Truth is at stake.  Justice is up for grabs.  I really don’t understand.

On a final but I do believe related note, 34 known high risk offenders roaming the streets of Cornwall, and 90 sex offenders on the registry.  Rest assured the 90 names don’t include those of the alleged molesters at the heart of the battle over disclosure and redaction.

And Deputy Chief Aikman thinks people shouldn’t be too concerned!  That about says it all.

That really is enough for now,


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1 Response to An exorbitantly costly ruse

  1. Myomy says:

    You are so right. This is a costly ruse and a make work project for lawyers and these other professionals. The predictable outcome is more conclusions conforming to the outlook of Alfred Kinsey a paedophile who covered up with a fraud of science and started the whole sexual revolution. You are doing far more to inquire into the Cornwall affair on a shoestring budget than the official inquiry ever will. I have done my own rough estimate and found a ratio of .o1 cent = $200,000 as the ratio of spending from the unofficial to the official inquiry. Those pennies are getting more results by far because the work is founded on obedience to God.
    May God bless you!

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