Putting the inquiry’s carefully-chosen Jesuit priest/expert/advisor into context

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More on Justice Glaude’s carefully and no doubt well-chosen Jesuit priest/expert/advisor. . .

The Father John Loftus page is nearly finished.  Once again the commentary has been added to and/or revised and several new postings have been added and linked through the commentary.

There are a few more odds and ends to add, but meanwhile there is lots to read to understand why this man/priest was probably chosen to do double-duty at the Cornwall inquiry, both as an ‘expert’ witness to help Justice Glaude “frame” the inquiry and pen his research paper, and as carefully chosen member of Glaude’s Advisory Panel.

I won’t blog in depth on the additions –   I still have more to do and I do believe the following postings speak for themselves and will go a long way to putting this Jesuit priest and his anticipated “expert” testimony and contribution to the ‘healing’ process (read huggy-bear-kissy-face sessions) into context – not to mention putting into context the cover-up, the mandate, the judge and the whole inquiry:

Church Teaching
The Gay Priest Problem
Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse

And now I will get back to the business at hand and try to wrap this up so I can move on to other things 🙂

Enough for now,

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