Getting a handle on the politics of the “sexual abuse” inquiry

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A little more progress on the Father John Allan Loftus posting.  The commentary has been amended and expanded and the following two articles are linked and accessible through the comments.

How the Catholic Church deals with sexual misconduct when more and more priests are breaking their vow of celibacy

The Real Expert Advises Bishops: Sue Your Experts

Alas, I’m not yet finished with Dr. Loftus 🙁 

But if you really want to get a handle on the politics behind this inquiry, the selection of Loftus to sit on Glaude’s Advisory Panel and appear as an ‘expert’ witness, and the manner in which the whole scandalous issue of clerical sexual abuse in general has been dealt with in the United States please do take the time at least to read The Real Expert Advises Bishops: Sue Your Experts

Those who wish to dig a little deeper should check Dr. Judith Reisman’s website.  This lady’s research is impeccable.  I spoke to Dr. Reisman several years ago when I was getting set to write a book on Cornwall – I was anxious to pick her well-informed brain on several issues regarding sexual abuse of young boys.  She is exceptionally well-versed and well-informed on the matter, and, I would venture to guess, knows infinitely more about man/boy sexual abuse and “historical” sexual abuse than all of Glaude’s carefully chosen ‘experts’ put together.  And do take time to read her ground-breaking and profound research and exposes on Alfred Kinsey.

Meanwhile I will carry on with the Loftus postings.  Hopefully I can wrap it up this evening :).

Enough for now,

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2 Responses to Getting a handle on the politics of the “sexual abuse” inquiry

  1. Myomy says:

    Dr Judith Reisman had good advice Sue the experts, they gave bad advice. Now Justice Glaude is relying on the same bad advice the bishops relied upon. Justice Glaude should call in Dr Judith Reisman to set them on the right path.

  2. Sylvia says:


    What do you suppose the chances are of seeing Dr. Reisman called as an epert witness to help Justice Glaude ‘frame’ his hobbled inquiry? 🙂

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