Another delay in the offing?

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Justice Normand Glaude has issued his ruling on redaction.

And, it seems another delay is just around the corner, witness Glaude’s comments this am: 

It is obvious that my decision has repercussions that affect not only the work of the OPP and the Cornwall Police Services but also affect the ability of those parties who are receiving massive amounts of information to assimilate and digest all of that information.

I have indicated in my earlier statements that this Inquiry has been sought for for years. I have stated I would move as quickly as possible but proceed only when we are ready.

 While Commission counsel may be in a position to begin calling witnesses, I also must ensure that the parties are also ready to proceed.

Accordingly, I have asked Commission counsel to discuss the logistics and possible impact this decision may have on the schedule and I expect a report back to me on Friday of this week, at which time I will assess whether changes need to be effected and I will make my final decision on the schedule early next week and will ensure that Commission counsel communicate that decision to the parties in the briefest of delays.

Accordingly, I look forward to the input of the parties and discussions with Commission counsel and a report from Commission counsel on Friday.



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