Mockery of victims of sexual abuse?

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Our son is still in the hospital – it’s been a long hard haul for him and still not quite over.  Thank you to all who have been praying for his recovery and to those who have contacted me by email or phone.  Please keep the prayers going.


I have just scanned and posted a picture of a much younger Paul Andre Durocher leading a group of 90 workshop participants during the Archdiocese of Ottawa’s 1979 Advent Workshop.  Durocher was then a seminarian at Saint Paul University while simultaneously acquiring a B.Ed at the University of Ottawa.


One more thing I have been intending to blog about Bishop Durocher.  Back in 2002 I attended Bishop Durocher’s installation as Bishop of Alexandria-Cornwall at St. Finnan’s Cathedral, Alexandria.   Prior to and during the Mass a number of sexual abuse victims picketed outside the cathedral, most carrying teddy bears along with their placards.

When Durocher gave his homily he arrived at the lectern toting a backpack sporting virtually every colour of the rainbow, and, much to the delight of most in the Cathedral, Durocher reached into the backpack and, lo and behold, out came a teddy bear. 

Most in the congregation loved it.  Much laughter!

Mockery of sexual abuse victims?  I think so. 


I am going to update the schedule of events on the Home page today.  Then on to a few other things I have been wanting to get posted.

Enough for now,

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