Is the episcopal social planning part coincidence?

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The information on Paul Andre Durocher, Bishop of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, has been updated and re-posted.  All new information was derived from Durocher’s testimony at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.

As you will see, he has been and is a busy busy man.  Some would say he obviously enjoys the admiration of his fellow Canadian Bishops and is no doubt ear-marked for greater things – perhaps President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops in the not too distant future? 

Word was out on the rumour mill about a year ago that Durocher is pegged to replace Archbishop Marcel Gervais as Archbishop of Ottawa at which time the dioceses of Alexandria-Cornwall will be merged.  Who knows?  Rumours do abound.

Rumour and speculation aside I am particularly interested in Durocher’s interest and involvement in social planning.

Is it coincidence that a Canadian bishop with the very unusual background in social planning happens to have been appointed Bishop of Alexandria-Cornwall just in time to familiarize himself with the diocese and settle in for the “inquiry”? 

And is it coincidence that Durocher is sitting in on Cornwall’s social planning committee at a time when Premier McGuinty has given the “alleged” clerical sexual predators of Cornwall a bye and all stops are being pulled to try to rid Cornwall of its identity as a paedophile haven by turning it into a revolving door for politicians of all stripes who are busily seducing the populace with a suddenly acquired and keen interest in the beleaguered community’s economic and social woes?

Who knows?   I am inclined to think that nothing, but nothing, which is Cornwall related and involves the upper echelons is happenstance. 

Oh, and by the way, I don’t believe I legal soul at the Weave Shed asked Durocher if he became personally acquainted with Normand Glaude either during their years at Ottawa U or during Durocher’s years in Sudbury.

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