More conflicts of interest with the Advisory Panel

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Yes, I’ve been tied up with hospital issues again.  Our son is out of the deep woods but not out of the forest, so please keep the prayers going.

There are still a number of issues I want to address regarding testimony of the past several weeks, Bishop Paul Andre Durocher’s included, but finding the time and energy to do so right now has become problematic 🙂

I will do what I can.  Somtime today I hope to update the information posted on on Bishop Durocher (a fair bit of new information regarding his background was entered into evidence ). 

Once that is accomplished I will let you know with a quick blog.


One short note and a few questions regarding Justice Normand Glaude’s selection of members for his Advisory Panel for the Cornwall Public Inquiry….

We already know that the Men’s Project stands to gain financially after this “inquiry” is wrapped up and that there is therefore a serious conflict of interest with two of Glaude’s picks for his panel

It now seems there is yet another member with a conflcit of interest.

It has now been drawn to my attention that Gail Kaneb, the sole member from Cornwall, is already gaining from the inquiry.

Shortly after his appointment as commissioner Glaude personally scouted the Cornwall area and selected the Weave Shed as the ideal facility to rent office space and a hall suited to conduct the hearings.

Kaneb’s husband Bill owns the 100,000 square foot Weave Shed. 

Does it need to be said that the Cornwall scandal has turned into money in the Kaneb’s pocket here and now, and has been for a good year or more, and will be so for the duration of this stuttering hobbled inquiry?

Seems to me that’s a conflict right off the bat. 

Now think of the potential for further conflict when the whole thing wraps up and McGuinty government inevitably responds to Glaude’s recommendations for more victim services and dutifully pours money into government-funded – and therefore government-controlled – groups such as the Men’s Project.

And so, some questions:

(1) The Men’s Project was renting and vacated the premises of the Weave Shed before the commission moved in.  Will it return post-inquiry flush with a fresh influx of government funds allowing for a full-time presence, permanent staff and larger office space?

(2) How many inquiry-spawned government-funded/-controlled groups will be hunting for office space at the Weave Shed post inquiry? and,

(3) Out of the entire community of Cornwall, why did Justice Glaude pick Gail Kaneb? And how pray tell did he deduce that owning the Weave Shed makes her impartial and that financial gain from the sex abuse scandal is not a conflict of interest?

Enough for now,

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